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Prototyping water drops stories
YAML 企画 生産

A friendly invite to become the stewards of water. LASAI (eng. Drops Travel) is an embodiment experiment that explores the theme of water intelligence from the micro lens. Animated poem(s) showcase a water drop traveling through all bodies and waters on Earth collecting wisdom. A drop here is a character that never dies, remembers everything, exists as an interactive library of all life's knowledge, an expression of water as intelligence that's worth protecting.

This project is an open project for collating mini stories with water drops metaphor.

The name "lasai" means "drops" in Lithuanian. It also has a funny sounding end of "ai" at the end which relates to water as intelligence theme. "Drops" are a metaphor for creativity: idea puzzles are like drops, when many drops come together, there is an ocean: a body of the idea. Same in this project submissions are "drops".

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目的は、水がどのように変化し、地球上のすべての体(生命)を結合するかを示すことです。メッセージは、観客に彼らの買い物習慣と彼らの健康、水の健康の影響について考えるように促すことです。 (きれいな淡水(飲用水)が地球上で消えつつあります。)

-REの執筆、水がその形(雨、蛇口など)に応じてどのように聞こえるかを表す正しい言葉を見つけたいと思います。 REの視覚的表現。おそらく、「スラップ」、「ポップポップ(雨)」などの正確な音を含む話し言葉が含まれます。


So I have my draft one and here are my learnings!

Draft is about "A Water Cycle as if I’m a Water Drop": playing with a narrative as if I’m a water drop, making sounds, while I travel from the rainy cloud to the house roof, to the soil, to the underground waters, to the house, the human body, toilet and sanitation system, open waters, animal bodies, microplastics, human dish plate.

The purpose is to show how water transforms and unites all bodies (life) on earth. The message is to inspire spectators to think about the impact of their shopping habits and their health, the water health. (Clean freshwater (drinkable water) is disappearing on Earth.)

  • RE writing, I'd like to find the right words that express how water sounds depending on its form (rain, tap drop, etc). RE visual presentation, perhaps to include spoken word with those exact sounds of "slurp", "pop pop (rain)", etc.

  • RE concept, I had a thought to link water cycle with a creativity process...

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    : Mindey
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プロジェクトの内容を振り返ります。その目的は、マイクロアクションのメタファーとしての水滴との遊び心のある関係(「一滴一滴のきれいなもの!」、「きれいに保つ」)を通じて水への好奇心を刺激し、水管理人になることです。 、とにかく前向きな行動を刺激しない)水質汚染について人々を判断するのではなく)。



Project update!

Reflecting on what the project is about.. So the purpose is to spark curiosity about water through playful relationship with drops as a metaphor of micro action ("every drop of clean matters!", "keep it clean") and become a water steward, rather than judging people for water pollution) which doesn't inspire any positive behaviour anyway.

I left the end of the poem as "unfinished" so that other collaborators can build on that, and continue the story of the water drop. This way, the story of a drop becomes a "never-ending story", like water's life on Earth is.

One collaborator - [malü] - created her story of a drop too! And we both submitted our segments to YOMO.

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    : Mindey
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Project update: Thinking about a part two of the poem - what happens after the drop is in symbiosis with other drops (metaphor of when human thoughts mix with other humans thoughts as in collective intelligence) and how it relates to the Ocean. Thinking about the chaotic journey of creativity that leads to the whole bigger than its parts. Story lines to explore: turbulence, chaos, randomness, nonlinearity, ocean depth and ocean's coastline, fractals. Let's see how all these themes can fit into a poem part II!