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Human Relationships with Water

What metaphors, experiences would create a deep sense of connection with water?


Humans pollute the waters because we lost our relationship with the water in general. How could we bring it back through stories, metaphors, experiences that evoke emotions and nudge our senses and our thinking?

I suggest to look at these points that unify humans with water:

  • water makes up our body and water makes up the planet Earth.

  • water is always in motion, throughout our body and throughout the planet.

  • water is intelligence without which life wouldn't exist.

What other unifing points we could explore when promoting human-water relationship?

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「私が飲む水の影響について考えることは私の考えを形作ります(現在、ミネラルウォーターだけを飲むように切り替えられたときにこれを経験し、12日目で落ち着きを感じます)。また、水が感情状態に影響を与えることを示したいと思います(私の水を飲む例)と感情的な状態が決定に影響を与える(どのプロジェクトが作成され、どの製品が消費されるか)私はここで一般化して、私たちの体の水は人間に破壊的な考え/建設的な考えを思い付かせます。飲み物、私たちが考える思考がきれいになるほど、私たちが作り出す産業もきれいになります。逆に、水が汚染されるほど、思考が破壊され、産業が汚染されます。ここで、否定的な感情が破壊的な思考にどのように寄与するかを追加したいと思います。 、したがって、汚染産業。」



「私にとって水とは何ですか?」家にいるような感覚で、水と触れ合うことができます。水は家です。 (過去の世代の)インテリジェンス、家に住む図書館。」









My thinking went this way, from the oldest to the newest at the bottom:

Water as Cycle

"Concept for art promoting interdependence: Water as a unified malleable library of all life. A cycle of water in our human bodies (based on emotions) impacts industries and thus water ecosystems on Earth. Ocean as a collective consciousness where all ideas meet before they rain on Earth to inhabit human bodies and minds. When it rains, water soaks into my skin and emerges into rivers that travel through my body until ideas form inside the brain. The more pollution, the more acid rain, the bitter the ideas in our minds that lead to polluting products we design and buy. Loop. The more pollution in the Ocean. The bitter rain. .... And backwards. The cleaner the water in the Ocean, the cleaner our ideas (thoughts), the brighter the future."

Water Quality and Emotions

"thinking about an effect of how water I drink shapes my thoughts (currently, experiencing this when swithched to drinking only mineral water, the 12th day now and I feel calmer). also I'd like to show that water impacts emotional state (my water drinking example) and emotional state impacts decisions (what projects are created, what products are consumed). I'm making a generalisation here that water in our bodies makes humans to come up with destructive thoughts/constructive thoughts. the cleaner the water we drink, the cleaner the thoughts we think, the cleaner the industries we create. and the opposite, the more polluted the water, the more destructive the thoughts, the more polluting the industries. here I want to add how negative emotions contribute to destructive thoughts, and thus polluting industries."

"does stress make blood acidic? think positive to turn blood to normal pH or drink alkaline water to clean up. surely I don't know if it's true at all!"

Water as Home

"What is Water to me? "Like feeling home, I can interact with it. Water is home. Intelligence (of past generations), a library that lives in the home.""

Water as a Giant Drop

How cool it would be to create an experience where a spectator enters a giant drop, and feels like inside a cocoon, safe inside a moving water, just like life is, when creativity/imagination creates that cocoon to move through chaos. People would have to step into a water structure (a sculpture-like fountain or immersive virtual experience) to feel calm inside but fluid chaos all around it, which would spark a sense of flow like creativity does.

Water as a Solvent for Society

And then [Mindey] shared how water drops could help to "unclog the humanity" and make up a "solvent for society".

Water as Traveling Drops

Water Drop could bring a sense of connection with water, because a drop can be anything - rain drop, drink, sweat, pee, splash in the sea, soup, ..

Also "drops" in general have a meaning of "about to come out": when it rains, I feel that wisdom is coming; same way when I cry - through emotional expression something wants to come out, i.e. a wisdom of water wants to come out through all of us!

How could these metaphors be explored deeper? Or what other metaphors would spark a sense of connection with water?


Perhaps it is best to ask dolphins about it...

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[ミンディ] どのようにイルカに水との関係について尋ねますか? :)

[Mindey] how would you ask dolphins about their relationships with water? :)



// how would you ask dolphins about their relationships with water?

Since there is a viable path to learning dolphin language, I think we may just ask in their language, once we learn or develop common language. With a shared spoken language, just like we've posted a question for humans, we could post a question for dolphins.

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