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Promote coexistence as a cultural norm
YAML 企画 生産

A comic story about CreativeEnergy inhabiting Human, so that a Human evolves to feel CoExistence while learning the spells of Living Systems.


The project promotes an idea that everything is connected.

It aims to shape cultural norms from "self-centric" to "togetherness" and inspire people to behave accordingly: in a deeper state of awareness and caring for the needs of true-self, others, universe.

The medium is a creative humorous short story with comics that showcases a character called "Mutantu" as a superhero who through funny adventures in a modern world raises its consciousness to understand that everything is connected and such uses its imagination to produce creative works as an example so that other humans follow and join "Mutantu" tribe.

The project explores topics as "life", "living systems", "universe as consciousness", "awareness", "imagination as energy", "energy and vibrations", "senses", "sacred", "effortless being", "chaos and order", "interbeing", and more.

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今、私は自分のプロジェクトにどのようなヘルプ/フィードバックが必要なのだろうか? -漫画本の著者であり、逸話の作成者であるアドバイザー-システム思考を分解し、LivingSystemsのどの概念が初心者にとって最も重要であるかを定義するのを助けることができるアドバイザー

Now I wonder, what help/feedback I need for my project?

  • Advisor who is a comic book author and a creator of anecdotes

  • Advisor who can help decompose Systems Thinking and define which concepts from Living Systems are the most important for beginners

「スニークピーク」と「読まない人のための」の要点から、他の人には見えない共存を捉えたイラスト作品のセットになりそうです。面白くなければならない場合は、コメディアン、またはおそらくマジシャンのコメディアンをアドバイザーとして探してください。彼らは両方のシステムに対処し、ユーモアを見る必要があります。私が最近見た興味深いコメディアンの1つで、このカテゴリ(ユーモアと魔法の組み合わせ)に該当するのは、ハンニバルです。 :)

From the "Sneak peak", and the gist "for people who don't read," it seems like it's going to be a set of illustrative works to capture the coexistence, where others see not. If it's got to be funny, look for a comedian, or perhaps, a magician comedian as an advisor -- they've got to deal with both systems, and see humor. One interesting comedian I've recently watched and who falls under this category (combining humor with magic), is the Hannibal. :)


Mindey, yes, a magician-comedian-cartoonist as advisor would be cool!


Now, thinking what are the Spells a character (and the readers!) needs to learn to friend the creative energy? These spells would be the behaviours of Living Systems or interactions within Living Systems.

//マジシャン-コメディアン-漫画家[ルタ]、私の心がそのような人に出くわした場合はお知らせします。 //新しいホームページ、特典、本のページの新しいレイアウト(リフレクションプロンプト、逸話、カラーリング領域の漫画)を追加しました。実際にarchive.orgを使用して、Webサイトの履歴スナップショットを保存してみてください。結果として常に同じWebサイトにアクセスするのではなく、進行中の作業として。方法は次のとおりです:ビデオ

// a magician-comedian-cartoonist

[Ruta], I'll let you know if my mind comes across a person like that.

// Added new homepage, benefits, new layout for book pages (reflection prompts, anecdotes, cartoon for colouring area)

You may actually try using to save historical snapshots of your website as work in progress, instead of always entering the same website as a result. Here's how: video.


Thanks [Mindey]! I made my first link with Archive here, yay!

^ __ ^あなたが呪文を話しているのは興味深い。興味をそそるゲームのように聞こえるか、映画のように聞こえます。呪文を考えると「ロード・オブ・ザ・リング」を思い出します。

^__^ Interesting you're talking spells. Sounds intriguingly game-like, or movie-like. Thinking of spells reminds me "The Lord of the Rings".

システムはオブジェクトではなく相互作用に関するものであるため、LivingSystemsでの概念のマッピングは重要ではないことに気づきました。ですから、私はキャラクターがアイデンティティを変え、より高い意識にアクセスできるように学ぶための「呪文」を持っています。 :)ここでの呪文は、実行するアクション(他のシステムとの相互作用)です。

I realised that mapping the concepts in Living Systems does not matter because systems are about interactions not objects. So I have "spells" for a character to learn so that they transform their identity and access a higher consciousness. :) Spells here are actions (inter-actions with other systems) to go through.

    : Ruta
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Should we have consultation meetings with demos, as people could perhaps give ideas to challenges during them?


[Mindey] great idea :) agree.

Living Systems Collaboratoryで6人のシーンを(Airtableで)発表しました。フィードバックの一部は、「バクテリアを(生きているシステムとして)人間の中で調和して生き、人間(生きているシステムとして)が地球の中で調和して生きていることをどのように示すことができるか」に関するものでした。

I presented my scenes (on Airtable) for six people at Living Systems Collaboratory. Some of the feedback was on "How can I showcase Bacterias as (a living system) living harmoniously within a Human and Human (as a living system) living harmoniously within Earth?"



// How can I showcase Bacterias //

Get a microscope, and get 'em into a photo-session?

    : Ruta
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I'm thinking about producing the book as musicians do singles and then the album. So, each chapter would be like a living system itself and have a different illustrator, and together all illustrators with me form a "MUTANTU tribe", this way showing that systems are all about interactions and nothing exists in vacuum.

(Also I got a suggestion to run a Kickstarter campaign for that)

//顕微鏡を手に入れて、写真撮影に参加しますか? //

このアイデアが大好きです、[ミンディ]!実はしばらく夢見ていました(顕微鏡)笑。安い良いものに関する推奨事項はありますか? :)

// Get a microscope, and get 'em into a photo-session? //

Love this idea, [Mindey]! I was actually dreaming about it (microscope) for some time now lol. Any recommendations on cheap good ones? :)


Cheapest I can remember, is that that paper microscope. I think those were invented for detecting malaria. On the ones suitable for the said "photosession", I'd recommend to think of collaboration with a university, they've got equipment, and rent microscope time, as good scopes ain't cheap, unless you want to play with toys for kids (e.g., [1], [2]).

    : Ruta
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ブックデザインを六角形として考え、音楽や種など、さまざまなヒーロー/ヒロインが独自の方法で呪文を発見する6つのミニストーリーとして公開されています(実際のプロジェクト/クリエイターをキャラクターとしてフィーチャーすることを考えている可能性があります)。 -ストーリーはパズルのように巨大な六角形に収まります。そして、各漫画は通常の正方形ではなく六角形のボックス内に示されています。


課題はプロトタイプについてです。紙のノートを六角形として作成し、ページを六角形にうまく分割するにはどうすればよいですか。それでは、WordPress(Elementorで作成されたWebサイト)で六角形と六角形を内部に表示する方法は? オンラインアドバイスはこちらを読んでいます...


Thinking about a book design as hexagon published as 6 mini-stories featuring different heroes/heroines who discover their spells in their own way: music, seeds, etc. (Potentially thinking to feature a real project/creator as character.) Together these mini-stories fit into a giant hexagon like a puzzle. And each comic is illustrated within boxes of hexagons not the usual squares.

Each story is illustrated by a different illustrator (2/6 confirmed). I'm also considering one more mini-story as rectangular to showcase "old story" all humans live in. Then, the six hexagon books mark the transition from the old to the new, the personal transformation moment to living systems philosophy.

The challenge is about Prototype: How to make a paper notebook as a hexagon now and divide a page into hexagons nicely? And then, how to showcase a hexagon with hexagons inside on WordPress (website made with Elementor)? Reading online advices here...

Another challenge: How much I can produce as actual book with different collaborators for March?

考えて、3月にこのプロジェクトのミニバージョンを作成したいと思います:1つの章[ビデオに示されているストーリーに基づく]( utm_content = DAETInJh2tI

Thinking, I'd like to produce a mini version of this project for March: One chapter based on the story shown in the video.

If people like it, then I could create a mailing list and ongoing Patreon fundraising. From there, I could expand into more collaborations and more chapters.







After presenting my progress to a friend, I was thinking about her questions on "Can you explain more what is a Superhero mentioned on your site?"

So the idea of the book is to serve as a "min effort in the personal transformation journey and evolving to feel co-existence". Then, I reviewed my spells captured on Airtable and realised that many are Body spells like walking, listening, dancing, gardening, etc.

So, I'd like to add some spells for the Mind not just the Body. What mental models align with living systems philosophy, i.e. help to navigate chaotic world of creativity?

Zoom out, Zoom in (like on Workflowy)

Solo, Together (like a wing that becomes a butterfly at times)

Like a heartbeat


Overall, through Spells that my book Superhero needs to learn, I'd like to show a harmony/dance between Body and Mind, irrational and rational, as a culmination of coexistence within a human being, which will shape coexistence on the planet Earth for all humans if they read my book!

//私のウェブサイトで六角形を紹介するにはどうすればよいですか? CSSは私にとって挑戦です。 //

Processing.orgThreeJS.orgを調べてみてください。これらは、インプレッションを作成する可能性のあるツールです。 。しかし、それはすべてあなたが達成しようとしていることに依存します。 CSSも非常に強力ですが、印象的な画像が必要な場合は、ページ全体に繰り返し動画を背景として読み込む、動的SVGなど、他の形式のメディアについても検討することをお勧めします。

// How to showcase a hexagon shape on my website? CSS is a challenge for me. //

You might want to take a look into and -- those are the tools that have the potential to create impressions. Though, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. CSS is also quite powerful, but wherever people are in need of impressive imagery, I'd recommend also thinking about other forms of media, like loading a repeating video over entire page as background, dynamic SVG, or something else.

    : Ruta
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    :  -- 

--Mindey, 💤




Reading an interview with ecologist and writer D.Abram, I loved how he describes everything being alive (sensuous earth) and he talks about words as magic.

Then, a friend mentioned Japanese word "Kotodama" that means "soul of language" and "sacred sound".

I'm curious how I can infuse the magic into words with MUTANTU book..

感覚について友達に話しました。 「どうして私の電話は私よりも多くのセンサーを持っているのですか?」と「鳥はワームをどのように見ますか?彼らは光、尿を見ます。」うーん、私は前にそれについて考えたことがありません、異なる動物がどのように感じるか。人間はどのようにしてこの人間以外の感覚の世界を明らかにすることができますか?人間以外の感覚の具現化は人間にとっても可能ですか?

Talked to a friend about senses. "How come my phone has more sensors than I have?" and "How does a bird see the worm? They see the light, urine." Hmm, I haven't thought about that before, how different animals sense. How can humans reveal this world of non-human senses? Is embodiment of non-human senses even possible for humans?


Got great feedback from a mentor on writing (creating blocks of time with no interruptions and inspiring objects), running Kickstarter with a spreadsheet and limiting the amounts of backers for sanity, potential illustrators from Africa and Asia, advice to explore Living Systems science and philosophy videos and chats, so that I could easier spot patterns that would become the spells in the book.


Essential question for this project: If creators create (already), why they still don't feel coexistence (peace within)? What principles of Living Systems (spells) would help welcome a deep sense of coexistence into creators lives?




Questions on my mind:

  • How to showcase Chaos and Order as a spell?

  • What real-life comic example would showcase Mind and Heart in sync?

//なぜクリエイターは共存(内なる平和)を感じないのですか?生きているシステム(呪文)のどの原則が、クリエイターの生活に深い共存の感覚を歓迎するのに役立ちますか? //





// Why creators don't feel coexistence (peace within)? What principles of Living Systems (spells) would help welcome a deep sense of coexistence into creators lives? //

So far, I think it's a "0oo Questioning" part missing in creator's lives: jumping into a project is not the same without deeply exploring one's motivation.

Also, without exploring the main idea of Living Systems such as -- human body is a system the same way as a bacteria is, as Earth is, as Universe is -- without such reflection, there's no sense of coherence (?), some sort of connection with all life which instantly gives meaning to one's live, because life simply is.

In the book, an example of this principle could be showcased as a scene of digging deeply into one's heart (a "story" exercise as mentioned in my previous book "Banana Break") and also some scene I did not discover yet that explains the idea of human as a system the same way as bacteria, Earth, Universe is.

That's what's on my mind now. This is not a finished thought yet, though.

Now thinking about spells, what's common (about living systems) between sciences and spirituality?


How to decide on a timeline of the book completion? I feel a need to spend time researching topics, and creating an ecosystem around the topic(s) before fundraising...


オーディエンスを持っている。Kickstarterは集中力を生み出す圧縮されたアクティビティです。Kickstarterはキャンペーンを30日間実行すると最も効果的に機能します。仕組みは次のとおりです。通常、最初にたくさんの人が飛び込むピークがあります。その後、キャンペーンの途中でドロップし、キャンペーンの最後に再びピークになります(Kickstarterの外部のメディアに連絡することで、その中央のドロップを下げることができます)。 Kickstarterのアルゴリズムは、ターゲットに迅速に資金を提供し、プラットフォーム上で「注目のプロジェクト」として宣伝するため、Kickstarterの視聴者の多くがプロジェクトを見ることができます。Kickstarterは、上げられた目標の%に基づいてあなたを押し上げます。」





予算。計算された資金調達目標を設定することが重要です。本の作成と印刷に必要な金額よりも少ない金額で資金調達を行い、Kickstarterキャンペーンが成功した場合でも、作品を作成して支援者に発送する必要があるためです。 、そして追加費用を自分で負担します。予算には、印刷だけでなく、イラストレーターと自分自身への支払い、知的財産の費用も含める必要があります。[クリエイティブコモンズルートに行くとどうなりますか?]ダウンロード可能なグラフィックを無料で入手できます。完全な本の有料版。」



製造。自費出版する予定ですか?(印刷会社に支払い、たとえば3000部の本を印刷しますか?)またはジャストインタイム出版を使用しますか?(注文ごとにオンデマンドで印刷します) get)出版社を持つのは難しいですが、出版社があなたの本を出版して販売したいと思うことをどのように証明しますか?それがあなたの最初の本である場合、彼らはあなたがあなたの前にいくつかの本を自分で販売したことを望んでいるでしょう彼らに近づきなさい。」

"代替案。印刷会社を使用する必要がある注文のターゲットを設定して、Webサイトでクラウドファンディングキャンペーンを実行することもできます。注文がxに達すると、支援者の配達の見積もりを提供します。 「」


I got overview of how Kickstarter works from a friend, so sharing here:

" Having an Audience. Kickstarter is a compressed activity that creates intensity. Kickstarter works the best if a campaign is run for 30 days. How it works is: usually there's a peak at the beginning when loads of people jump in, then a drop in the middle and a peak again at the end of the campaign. (You can lower that middle drop by contacting media outside of Kickstarter.) The first backers ("ambassadors") are essential, because if a campaign is reaching its funding targets fast, Kickstarter's algorithm will promote it as a "featured project" on their platform, and thus more of Kickstarter's audience will see the project. Kickstarter pushes you up based on % of your goal raised."

" Networking. Approaching various groups of people that could be somehow related to your project is essential, so that you find the backers and reach your funding goals. It's like a 3-4 months preparation, interacting with various groups about a shared interest before the campaign."

" Promo Materials. Launch page on Kickstarter is essential. It has to have video, graphics, enough of samples of your work [comics in my case]. What are people investing in? Also a good idea is to release stuff like graphics during the campaign to keep the fans engaged and to encourage them to share on social media."

" Timelines. If you aim to launch on X day, bear in mind that Kickstarter will take 7 days to review your campaign."

" Terms. Kickstarter won't give you the money you raised, if you don't reach your goal. Indiegogo has a different setup."

" Budget. Setting calculated funding goals is key. Because if you fundraise for less than you need to produce and print the book, and if your Kickstarter campaign succeeds, you will have to still produce the work and ship it to backers, and so cover the additional costs yourself. Into budget, you should include printing, but also payments for illustrators and yourself, intellectual property costs. [What if I go creative commons route?] You can have some downloadable graphics for free and then a paid version of the full book."

" Packages. How are you going to offer different options for backing your project? You can have options like a book plus a poster, a chat with the creator and signed book, an early bird price, limited edition, -20% off the final product, and so on. Get creative there."

" Benefactors. Who else could promote your book? Would it suit sustainability organisations as a resource? Museums? Schools? Science educators? To make your Kickstarter successful, can you find one donor that would come at the end of the campaign and back your project with the missing amount, so that you campaign achieves its targets?"

" Manufacturing. Are you going to self-publish? (Pay a printing company to print say 3000 copies of your book?) Or will you use just-in-time publishing? (print on demand based on each order you get) Having a publisher is tricky. How do you prove to a publisher that they will want to publish and market your book? If it's your first book, they will likely would like to see that you got some books sold on your own before you approach them."

" Alternatives. You can also run a crowdfunding campaign on your website, with a set target for orders that you need to use a printing company. When you reach x orders, you will provide an estimate of delivery for your backers."

[My reaction is like "Oh, LOL."]

Hello, World! So I'm back with my project :)

Latest thinking:

  • How to visualise the inner body?

This came out of realisation that ideas/projects shape me, and there's some sort of symbiosis there between a project as a living being and me.. and how diving deep into this phase of the project shapes me! (I borrow thoughts on 'everything as alive' from David Abram here.)

And I borrow inspiration on inner body visualisation from short 3D videos I see on Instagram about neurons, cells and so on. I wonder, how could I learn to create such videos? And so, create/play with the story plot by doing/making videos first.

Other thoughts in my mind lately that go into a moral of the story:

  • Universe as a Mom and Humans as her kids looking for each other (marking a shift from solo to coexistence). This came out when reflecting on Struppi's question about Universe and Consciousness in Living Systems Study Group ("If Universe is a Living System, what is the quality of its consciousness?"). I thought, Universe as energy/higher-level system is indeed smart just letting her kids, humans, mess around because that's the only way to learn by exploring freely and making mistakes. And when we learn the language of "co-", we finally see our mom and feel that we belong (because we always did!). And suddenly, all human problems evaporate... The happy end!
  • Conversing With rather than Talking About living world (David Abram!)
  • Effortlessness, non-doing, uselessness (Tao or Dao and Living Systems Philosophy)

(Also, it seems that some things I thought about like Kickstarter or printing may not be relevant now anymore, as they were someone's thoughts not mine anyway.)

    : Mindey
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    :  -- 


Welcome back, [Ruta]. Just thought of weekly updates to the world, like the ones that space travellers in sci-fi movies tend to do for record, - living life like on a mission ;) I'll make my update some time soon as well, as there is definitely new things lately. :)

    : Ruta
    :  -- 
    :  -- 


Thanks [Mindey] :) Weekly updates to the world, yes! Like recordings from Missions, love that! Creative explorations are indeed like Missions :) Deep dives, life changing, sometimes. So curious about your update!!

    :  -- 
    : Mindey
    :  -- 









Storyline update!

"We are all Moms". The book ends when a character realises they are a Mom, when they raise brainchildren through the symbiosis with Life, and thus a character becomes the Universe*.

*Symbiosis with life as exploration input and creation output.

**Observer and observed .. creating reality


Every moment we birth life (no matter genders or other boxes) when a constructive thought leads to life, while destructive - to death as decay, compost. And so, there is a dance of life and death! Regeneration as a micro habit of how we think and where thinking leads us.

So the storyline goes from escape, solo to togetherness to realise that we are her (as a metaphor for creativity as a value).

    : Mindey
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    :  -- 



P.S. I enjoy using my project space as a Twitter feed, sharing puzzles, which will eventually become a final product. I'd like to see other creators puzzles too! That -- interacting with puzzles -- sparks cocreation.

    : Mindey
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だから、本の終わりのシーン: 嵐[合理的な精神]は鳥[創造的な精神]の歌を聞き、ダンスをします[脳全体]

I was co-writing a writing piece in a small group on Living Systems with Water as a metaphor these days and it changed me. I/we were going through Chaos (experiencing and being the Storm) and by tuning into a creative metaphorical language, I came out with a different skin, cleaner, attachment evaporated, a moment of water flowing. Like my skin is soaked in water.

I'd like to include this moment into MUTANTU story, at the end, as a conclusion how tuning into creative thinking sparks observation and freedom, and a peace of mind, a natural rhythm, a vaccine for overload, it's never overloading, because water flows, so there's no need to try to put it [information] into a box with judgmental thinking, but instead to let information to flow and a creative thinking will play with water drops to spark a whole bigger than its parts.

so, a scene for the end of the book: storm [rational mind] hears a bird [creative mind] song and has a dance [whole brain]

    :  -- 
    : Mindey
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