Loving Systems


Philosophy of all life as an energetic pattern that weaves into fractal networks


This philosophy shares a mental model to apply in our human lives:

What? We are Loving Systems - living systems that radiate loving energy. This energy creates with a minimum effort.

How? Self-organising through fractal networks, when chaos becomes a whole bigger than its parts.

Why? All life is a Loving System inside a Loving System inside a Loving System to infinity. Humans can operate on a different set of values:

  • Love vs fear

  • Hope vs blame

  • No Expectation vs judgment

  • Flexibility vs rigidity

  • Simplicity vs complexity

  • Assets vs liabilities

  • Quality vs quantity

and radiate loving creative energy in our everyday thoughts and actions. As a result, humans would imagine and co-create heavens on Earth.

This idea belongs to Mansoor Vakili's thinking blending systems thinking and spirituality. I felt the idea and mirrored from listening!


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Me and [malü] are starting a 21 day habit-forming experiment:

"How our lives will change (or not! it's an experiment) if we practise to feel Love in our daily thoughts and actions -

  • when responding to clients (wishing them Love),

  • when buying food and cooking (wishing a meal Love),

  • when reading the news (wishing all humans and the earth Love),

  • when responding to friends and strangers on the Internet (wishing them Love),

  • ..."








So, as I understand, the hypothesis behind this idea is:

"If we apply this set of values to self-organize, then humans would imagine and co-create heavens on Earth".

However, the "How?" part is scant of details of how to achieve the values listed (Love, Hope, No Expectation, Flexibility, Simplicity, Assets, Quality), it just states that if we somehow try to "self-organising through fractal networks, when chaos becomes a whole bigger than its parts", then it somehow would happen. So, it's not answering the "How" really, it just postulates a mental view:

"If we mentally try to live with these values in mind, then it will follow that the hoped."

Ok... I see. While values may be good and desired, without a propaganda plan to implement them, they are just a conception of a set of values of good will.

// Me and [malü] are starting a 21 day habit-forming experiment

Yay! Let us know how the experiment will go, and how we can join it. If it goes well, we'll have to think of a propaganda plan, because without such a plan, it'll not change the status quo, that there is a fraction of people wonderful loving hearts, yet that fraction remains relatively the same over time.

    : Ruta
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1-「LivingSystems」の名前を「LovingSystems」に変更すると、より多くの人々がシステム思考に興味を持つようになります。 「愛する」ことは人々の感情を明らかにし、好奇心を刺激します。そしてそれは生命システムのコアバリューに関係しています。




RE Hypothesis, there are at least two.

1 - If we rename "Living Systems" to "Loving Systems" more people would become interested in systems thinking. "Loving" reveals emotion in people and sparks curiosity. And it relates to the core value of living systems.

2- as you described :) "If we apply this set of values to self-organize, then humans would imagine and co-create heavens on Earth".

RE How:

Sure, propaganda can be imagined :) At the same time Philosophy exists to spark curiosity without detailed prescription. I'll think some more :)

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    : Mindey
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Loving Systemsの経験をどのように紹介するか(フラクタルネットワークを介してカオスゾーンで、その部分よりも全体が大きくなる自己組織化パターンとして)?

I see that the next question in this ideation adventure is:

How to showcase the experience of Loving Systems (as a self-organisation pattern, which, through fractal networks, at chaos zone, become a whole bigger than its parts)?

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    : Mindey
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今日、私は関連する引用について考えていました。「私たちが住んでいるこの空は、あなたの翼を失う場所ではないので、愛、愛、愛。」 ―シラーズのハーフェズ




I was just thinking about a related quote today: “This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.” ― Hafiz of Shiraz

I've been trying to pay more attention to breath during my day-to-day experience and as part of that I've been doing simple breathing exercises that help you expand your lung capacity. Naturally, I was thinking about my lungs during the exercise and that lungs rhymes with wings ... then the Hafiz quote came to mind.

I find so interesting the relationship between breath, lungs, wings, and love. Thank you for this prompt to think about Loving Systems.

I would absolutely love to join the 21 day habit-forming experiment starting this evening. Will report how it goes.

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    : Ruta
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[ボビ]、ぜひご参加ください!実験]( https://o2oo.io/project/11001/?l=en

[bobi], come join us! the experiment got more concrete and turned into artistic (body) lifelogging! I'll share a collective Instagram account with you if you'd like to add a visual a day from your body experiencing loving systems!