問題: Humans as Community

Human superorganism


Our blood vessels carry food, oxygen and nutrients to our cells which each then do their work. The cells of our body are selfless - how do we create communities that are selfless


If you look at our society from the sky you can see arteries which are roads which carry nutrients to shops. Where people buy things by exchanging money. Like cells exchange waste products with nutrients in the blood. The blood cells do their job without asking for anything in return. They take oxygen freely from the lung without having to provide anything in return.

I reject game theory when it comes to society. I think cooperation could lead to a better use of resources. I think wealth aggregating at the top is a symptom of corruption in society's founding values. Society could be more efficient.

People aren't assigned jobs based on their skills. They have to apply to them by themselves. It's a very inefficient process with much conflict of interest. Rarely is a relationship between employee and employer balanced. It's pretty one sided.

I want society to evolve past a selfish individualistic approach into one that benefits everybody by being part of the superorganism. Every work should be rewarded - collecting litter, childcare should all be rewarded in kind. Muscles that work hard are rewarded with more blood and nutrients.

But hard work in society does not involve reward - it usually results in more work to be done.

Would someone do childcare for free if their needs were all met? Food, shelter, bills?

If every human is trying to improve supply lines to make disbursement of shelter, nutrients more efficient. Money is an abstraction it should be used for good.

If we look at the rates at which nature moves - we can say that nature moves very slowly. An animal only exerts effort when it needs to eat. Humankind on the other hand is always busy. It is an artificial business that stems from being dependent on money and 40 hour work weeks. Farmers don't need to work 40 hours a week to feed us all - nor does anybody else. It's only benefitting rich stockholders.

In nature there is no concept of ownership. There is only territory. And it's temporary. For mating. For shelter. For nestlings. That's an artificial limitation on our freedom that keeps us docile and away from achieving independence. If independence is impossible in a world where all the land has a use then we need to get better at working for eachother. It means we need to redefine what contributing to society means. I don't think it means work a job.

Perhaps everybody could have a score which is a balance of what one has contributed to the whole. It goes from negative value to positive value. If you have positive value you can redeem nutrients from society. If you have negative value then you cannot receive goods yet.

There would be a work market that people could do which shifts your scale positive. Collecting litter. Working a water treatment plant. Stacking shelves in a shop. Giving a lift to a worker to work. Writing something. Creating a painting. All would improve your score because they benefit society.

The concept of having a job will disappear. You can pick and choose what you want to do each week. You gain a large variety of skills.

We don't reward the hardest jobs. They pay the least. The most desperate work them. We live in a hierarchical society and nobody does a thing about it. Everybody in the middle classes and above benefits from this arrangement because they don't have to get their hands dirty.

Lying and cheating goes far and we don't punish it in our society.


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あなたが到達しているのは、私がタイムバンキングと呼んでいるものです。あなたは、恩恵を行うために、コミュニティに与えられた時間に対してコミュニティクレジットを取得します。それはお金と同じです。 1時間の作業をシェナノギンドルS1と呼びましょう。次に、私のコミュニティの全員が1時間あたり50ドルで働いていると言えます。つまり、S1 = $ 50の為替レートが得られます。もちろん、その単純化。経済を規制するために、あらゆる種類のメカニズムを追加することができます。しかし、要点は、お金はドルのように借金ではなく、優しさから生まれます。それがすべての違いになります。このような経済を大規模にどのように創出するかは、もう1つの良いテーマです。それがブロックチェーンの目的であり、白紙の状態です。私たちは皆、ブロックチェーン上で代替経済を構築することに忙しいです。数行のコードで、自由、自己進化、自己統治の経済構造を作成できます。それでも、すべてがクラウド上で回転すると、バブルが発生します。私たちは土地を必要とし、地上にコミュニティを構築し、実際に有形の商品やサービスを生産し、実際に誰かを助けるために必要です。それで、私はそのようなコミューンを支援するという高い道徳的目標を持って、それらのbc組織、daosを作成することを提案します。私は、土地の助成金をふさわしいコミュニティに配布するために私たちの組織を捧げることを提案します。ドルが暗号通貨にぶつかっているので、私たちの惑星をかなりの金額で買い戻しましょう。今こそ、私たちのバブルを地球上に広げる時です。 それは正気と優しさの泡として始まり、新しい文化の種を作ります。私たちのオンライン組織ツールと経済構造は、このコミューンを繁栄へと導きます。繁栄は他者を引き寄せ、コミーウイルスは広がり、文化は、私たちが共有し、協力することを学ぶにつれて、すべて愛と人類の名の下に反転します。私たちは、ウェブ上のリンクを通じて、よりスマートな集団的存在へと集合的に進化します。そのため、Web開発者です。 お気づきのことと思いますが、この革命は破壊されることはありませんが、以前の成功に基づいており、トランプを含むすべての人が含まれています

What you getting to is what i call timebanking. You get community credits for time vested into community, for doing favors. Its same as money. Lets call 1hr of work a shenanogins dollar, S1. Then, you can say everyone in my community works for $50/hr. So, you got exchange rate of S1=$50. Of course, its simplified. All kinda mechanisms can be added to regulate the economy. But, the point of it, Money is born out of kindness, not debt as dollar does. That makes all the difference. How do we create such economies on large scale is another good subject. Thats what blockchain is for, a blank slate. We are all busy creating alternative economies on blockchain. We can create economic structures of freedom, self evolving, self governing, with a few lines of code. Still, we would be creating a bubble if it all revolved on the cloud. We need land, to build communities on the ground, to actually produce tangible goods and services, to actually help someone. So, i propose to create those bc orgs, daos, with a high moral goal of supporting such communes. I propose dedicating our org to distribute land Grants to deserving communities. Lets buy our planet back, at a good deal, since dollar is crashing against crypto. Nows the time to extend o ur bubble over the planet. Itll start as bubbles of sanity and kindness, creating seeds of new culture. Our online org tools and economic structures will guide thise communes to prosperity. Prosperity will gravitate others and the commie virus will spread, and the culture will flip, as we learn to share and to collaborate, all in the name of love and humanity. We will collectively evolve into a smarter collective being, thru our links over the web. Thats why im a web dev. Did you notice, this revolution does not destroy, but builds on previous success, and includes everyone, including trump

    : Mindey, transiency
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[年代順]、私は現在の社会について同様の同様の感情を共有していますが。ところで、ここにはまだメソッドがありませんが、むしろ望ましい状態なので、[意図とし​​てマーク]されています。 「oo」に関するアイデアは、単に明るい「思考」ではなく、「方法」の側面に答える「方法」を意味します。バクテリアの競争とは異なり、組織の成長は生物によって後援されているので、超個体の一部であるという考えは魅力的です-血液は与えられ、超個体のより高い目標をサポートするように調整されます。


2つの出口があります: (1)多様な庭師が存在し、それらの間を移動できるようにする。 (2)住民が庭のソースコードをモデレートできるようにする。 (たとえば、プルリクエストを使用したコード開発と少し似ています)



さて、別の質問があります-あなたは特定の超個体に参加したいですか、そしてどのような特定の超個体に参加したいですか-そしてそれは文化的、経済的、イデオロギー的な質問だと思います。今日でも、さまざまな国に住む人々はさまざまな庭に少し似ている可能性があり、0oo.liのコンテキストでは、私も追求について考えていました(ここ / 0xE34A06A52C1b57CBEe4001f8dF6991BCAffDbE10 /))。多くの場合、文化は使命を果たす必要があります。新興企業は従業員の選択によって効率を維持し、多くの場合、従業員を家族と考えており、一部の国では市民をそのように考えようとしています。


[chronological], while I do share similar similar sentiments about the current society. Btw., you still have no method here, but rather, a desired state, so [marked-as-intent]. Ideas on "oo" are meant to be not merely bright "thoughts", but "methods" answering the "how" aspect. The thought of being part of the supraorganism is attractive, because unlike the competition of bacteria, the growth of a tissue, is sponsored by the organism -- the blood is granted, and modulated to support the higher goals of the superorganism.

There is a problem with allowing only a single superorganism to exist though. Imagine a joungle that is not an ecosystem, but rather, a well-cared computer-controlled garden. Within such garden, you may have freedom to play, but you could not change how garden itself is designed, because everything would be homeostatically controlled -- whatever you break or shift parameters, would be rebuilt -- based on a single blueprint. If the inhabitatns of the garden now could not edit the garden code, they would be pretty much doomed to living in some kind of authocracy.

There are two exits: (1) allowing the diverse gardents to exisat, and move between them. (2) allowing the inhabitatns to modeify the source code of the garden. (e.g., a bit like in code development, with pull-requests)

The (2) approach would be quite limited, because with the increasing number of inhabitants within the garden, and diversity of personalities, it would be increasingly hard to have an agreement, which "pull-request" should be implemented, and there would be people unhappy.

The (1) approach is more flexible, but requires more resources (e.g., like a new cloud computing system) for each garden.

Now, there is another question of -- do you want to be part of a particular superorganism, and what kind of particular superorganism would you like to be part of -- and I think that is a cultural-economic-ideological question. Even today, people living in different countries can be a bit like in different gardens, and, in context of 0oo.li, I was thinking of the pursuits as well (described it here). Often, culture has to serve the mission. Start-up companies remain efficient by employee selection, often thinking of employees as family, and some countries try to think of their citizens that way.

It's worth thinking what kind of culture could make us into a superorganism that we'd like to be.

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I want to be organised or assigned a superorganism based on the values that I agree to. I would move homes towards people who believe the same things. If everybody did this, we could have regions where people believed the same things. Like a neighbourhood that wants UBI from the council rather than from central government. Bristol has its own currency in the UK - it is paralell to the pound.

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Heres another way to look at that pickle. Our society, economic structure , is a graph, of relationships, links between people and orgs. Graphs have a really cool property. You can layer them up, by adding new nodes and links. Just adding new structure wo breaking the old one. And,... thats what i propose to do, to build new graph on top of existing one, wo breaking anything, using same people, maybe adding new parallel orgs, reusing the old ones, on individual basis. The people gonna decide how. All we need to do is provide the tools and, very important, the key, pass the vision. Just the tools not gonna do the job. We need to inspire, to light that fire, to plant the seed, to lose the greed, to love each other. Its not hard, everyone is ready. And, we are not special. That fire is getting started everywhere. We are one of many, and we honna merge, super quick, faster then control freaks can freak out.

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