Imaginary auction shop


Why not a shop with imaginary products and services in it? And you bid the price that you want to pay for that product, you also commit to long term spending on the product, you actually stake money, so if the product is created, you are obligated to pay for it


Getting sustainable products and services into the world is extremely expensive and takes extreme amounts of effort to bring a product into the world. What if we could minimise the risk?

So why not let people vote with their wallets?

You kind of need an MBA and have credentials to be CEO and run a public company.

Most businesses fail, most startups fail, most venture capital is lost, most restaurants fail. There's occasionally a few unicorns that are worth £££ billions but most spend investor money and have losses and no profits. See most restaurant startups and Uber as examples.

So this imaginary website is where marketing professionals create beautiful copy and beautiful imaginary products and services and cost it all. Then people vote how much they're willing to pay for that service.

beautiful, demand signalling.


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あなたがそれを作るまでそれを偽造しますか?これは、検索ニーズを満たすために存在しない製品を生成する必要があるという考えであったジェネレーティブ検索のアイデアを思い出させます。それら (製品のモデル) に投票し、資金を提供することも悪い考えではありません。私はこれに賛成です。

// したがって、この架空の Web サイトは、マーケティングの専門家が美しいコピーと美しい架空の製品やサービスを作成し、すべての費用を負担する場所です。


一部の製品 (ハードウェアや機械システムなど) では、これでうまくいくはずです。一方で、携帯電話のように、どれも角が丸くなった箱のように似たような製品が多くなり、基本的な外見だけでは違いを捉えることが難しいものもありました。ユーザーは機能やブランドで検索します。ブランドが製品になるのは奇妙です。

Fake it until you make it? This reminds me the idea of generative search, which was a thought that we should generate non-existing products to satisfy search needs. It's not bad idea to vote for them (models of products) and even fund them. I'm all for this.

// So this imaginary website is where marketing professionals create beautiful copy and beautiful imaginary products and services and cost it all.

I think, ideally, as mentioned in the previous idea, this work would be highly automated...

For some products (like hardware and mechanical systems), this should work quite well. On the other hand, some products, like mobile phones had become so similar one to another, that all of them look like boxes with round corners, and it would be rather difficult to capture the differences by their basic appearances. People search by features or brands. It's weird how brands become products.

このアイデアは、クラウドファンディング プラットフォームでのいくつかのプロジェクトを思い起こさせます。クラウドファンディングが設定された財務目標に到達/超過した場合にのみ、次の段階に進みます。それができなければ、資金提供者はお金を取り戻し、プロジェクトは進行しないか、資金を調達するために別の場所に行かなければなりません。

This idea reminds me of some projects on crowdfunding platforms. They only get made / progress to the next stage if the crowdfunding reaches/surpasses a set financial target. Failing that, the funders get their money back and the project either doesn't progress or has to go elsewhere to raise funds.

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