Skill and Command allocation system


A list of people, their skill profiles and then a button to allocate and offer of work to them, based on their skills. Another section of the app, which is a list of problems, and a report on the problem from many people's perspective's such as Google Doc.


I kind of want to see what problems people have and see what I can do to solve them.

How you spread out command and coordination? If I had a list of people and their skills, I could issue commands that they could accept or reject


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プログラマーが慈悲深い兄貴を演じたいときは?工事現場に行って周りを見渡すと、仕事に困っている人がいて、手伝ってくれます。確かに、オンラインの民間企業は、集合的なデジタル作業環境を建設現場のようなものに変換する監視システムを作成し、追跡ソフトウェアを備えたコンピューターを配布して、各従業員の様子をいつでも確認できるようにしました。これは、特定のタイプの企業 (従業員を大切にする企業) が成功する理由の 1 つかもしれません。ただし、プライバシーの制約があるより広い社会的設定で説明しているものに最も近いのは、ラベル付けシステムを備えた連絡先アプリケーションです。このアプリケーションでは、すべての連絡先にスキルによってラベルを付け、必要に応じて連絡を取ります。昔はそうしていました。例: あなたは特定のスキル、たとえば「化学の知識」を知っているので、その知識を持っている友達にラベルを付けます。問題がある場合は、ラベルで誰を書くかをフィルタリングすることで、それらを書くことができます。ただし、特定のタスクや質問で必要以上に多くの人に迷惑をかけるため、あまり効率的ではありません。理想的には、問題を解決する方法を知っている可能性が最も高い、面倒を見てくれる完璧な連絡先を 1 人だけ見つけて、最初の連絡先に迷惑をかけた結果、別の連絡先が必要になった場合にのみ、他の人に迷惑をかけます。

When a programmer wants to play a benevolent big brother? Go to a construction site, and look around, then, you find people who may be struggling with their task, and help out. Sure, online, private corporations have made surveillance systems that convert the collective digital work environment into something like a construction site, where they distribute computers with tracking software, so that they can always take a look at how each employee is doing. It may be one of the reasons why companies of certain type (the ones that care about their people), succeed. However, the closest thing to what you're describing in the wider social setting with privacy constraints, is a contacts application with labeling system, where you label all of your contacts by their skills, and then communicate with them based on need. I used to do so in the past. Example: you know a particular skill, say, "chemistry knowledge", so you label your friends who have that knowledge. If you have a problem, then you can write them by filtering whom to write by the label. It's not very efficient though, because you're bothering more people than necessary with a particular task or question. Ideally, you would find the only one perfect contact to bother, who is most likely to know how to solve the problem, and bother others only if bothering the first one resulted in the need for another.