Is It Me Test


A way to determine if a copy of a mind is test-indistinguishible from the actual mind copied.

YAML ソース 発想

Suppose we have you and trying to copy your mind. The problem has been raised, that it's not you, because it does not share the same quantum states and identity with you.

The Is It Me Test tests whether you are not indistinguishable from your copy up to the level of natural entropy of the universe you live in.

The test:

Both you and your copy are given the identical simulated world environments to play in. If the behaviours of you and your copy do not deviate by more than the behaviour of actual you would be expected to deviate from the behaviour of identical actual you in a universe different from this one by the amount of entropy that would be needed to create the observed level of differences in behaviour over the same period of time, then we would consider your copy identical up to that level of entropy, defined by the triple (you, your copy, game).

The game would be the test-defining parameter, so we would say Is It Me Test with respect to game codename IIMT1. The scientists then could have an occupation to create games that resemble the entropy characteristics of the test games to resemble the entropy characteristics of the actual world we live in to evolve the test.

I'm using the word entropy, not yet in the precise sense, but rather, synonymously with the word "noise".


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