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CLI password management app YAML 企画

Generate, set, copy, und print passwords in CLI.

Support for 2FA will be added some time later.

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ようこそ、Neruthesのホームベースへ〜現在、このプロジェクトにも取り組んでいますか?いくつかの結果を共有するために戻ってくることを忘れないでください、そして私たちはあなたの仕事を段階的にサポートしたいかもしれません〜^ __ ^

Welcome to Homebase, Neruthes~ Are you currently working on this project, as well? Don't forget to come back to share some results, and we may want to incrementally support your work~ ^__^

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@Mindey Thank you. I am working on this project for upcoming features, and I look forward to improvements with software quality.

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[Neruthes], understood. Well, take a look around here. One of the main purposes of this place is to share progress about development, so link tasks results, or summaries. Btw., absence of notifications is a feature here. However, you can always find posts with latest activity by visiting main page. Will work on the search feature in a near future.

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@Mindey Good. It reminds me of issue tracking, release notes, and user forum. Flattening conversations over a project into 2 straight timelines of comments and logs could be a little plain, while Jira looks overcomplicated.

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Yeah, exactly! So, as to keep it non-distracting. There are just too many places to keep notifications on :)

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