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Make instructional videos for spreading the use of Odoo YAML 企画 生産

Odoo, namely,, is a web framework, just like Django, with its own PostgreSQL ORM, and MVC framework, but already with a financial accounting framework, and many ready-made office apps, making it an ideal replacement for something like corporate cloud-based office suites (like Google Work, Microsoft Office). Yet, it is also great as a replacement for Wordpress. Modules are easy to write, like apps in Django, so you can re-use your Python knowledge.

Ultimately, it's great as a real life gamifier, making life a little like UFO Enemy Uknown, and enabling to manage one's bases, like what I wanted with, and also, it may even help everyone to sync politically, as I've described here on

However, it is not yet very easy to use. So, I think, it's worth making a video series on YouTube about using it, and this project will be about that.

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このプロジェクトが必要であることに同意します。 WordPressを学ぶのに何年もかかったので、参入障壁が減らされない限り、切り替えは疑わしい。あなたは時間を節約するつもりのようです、スーパー!有益な結果を共有していただきありがとうございます-私はあなたの教育ビデオを見ます:)

Wow, great project name, Mindey, with a cool logo!

I agree this project is needed. It took me years to learn WordPress, so I doubt switching unless a barrier to entry odoo would be reduced. It seems you're going to give a time-saver, super! So thanks for sharing a useful result - I'll watch your instructional video :)

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Curious, are you going to turn your videos into an online course made with odoo itself?

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Heh, well, I think it needs to become easier than Wordpress, or people won't use it. Unfortunately, barrier is quite large: there are various secret locations and settings on Odoo to just get it working right. I think, these are what keeps it being elite software, requiring a specialized agency to deal with. However, I think, with a little guidance, people could use it like they use Wordpress, and instead of Django (Odoo got the best of two or more worlds).

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