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To use model specification language (like metaform) to specify models of Infinity in JSON.

Refactor Infinity data types for future Infinity. It would perhaps have to be 3 apps -- "thinking", "making", "trading".

Problem: Current Infinity structure lives as a Django models.py file, and there are some design choices, that would merit rewriting the entire Infinity core (and API) in a new, refactored way

Todo: Use documentation patterns (or documentation-like standards, like Metaformat-based prisma.io-like syntax) to define the refactored database models for enabling the Infinity models to be used to generate the decentralized "Infinity App" with any applications framework.

Annotate models with NRV ( https://github.com/wefindx/nrv/blob/master/nrv/v3.py ) ontology.

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