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Bringing the perfect world to Earth through perception, entertainment, and interaction.

I am building a metaverse known as Mechai. Mechai is a dimension where everything went right, and therefore its duty is to bring all other dimensions up to its level and synergize with them. While this project seems like an undertaking in creating a fictional universe, it is anything but. Considering the universal law that anything that can be is, and the concept of quantum entanglement we know that whatever we perceive perceives back at us. In other words, your imaginary friends are real so long as you let them be. That is the premise of Mechai. Design a company around listening to the community and taking absolutely all feedback, positive or negative, and incorporating it somehow into the project (either directly or indirectly). Furthermore, all volunteers, regardless of skill level, who wish to volunteer to help the project may. We will simply give them tasks that are suitable for their level of skill, maturity, and leadership. Then, we teach the volunteers and workers (as soon as money becomes a thing) about the universe, its laws, how it does things, and how to interact with it. Then we have a fourth-wall breaking “fictional” universe that literally tells us the directions it wants to go in, and listens to everyone’s suggestions. The point of Mechai is that it’s everyone’s universe. It belongs to no one, not even to me. I am just a contributor myself. We are all free to create content, organize how we feel things should go, and gain support in our endeavors. Anyone can contribute to this universe in any way they desire, so long as they are aware that their contribution can neither add nor detract from what has already been established, but only remove problems the community finds or add new cool things that were not already established.

The company gains resources and power through volunteer help and volitional bonds. We don’t just need writers, illustrators, techies, but also lawyers, chaplains, consultants, etc. Services do not extend to the creation of this universe or the manufacture of its products and services across multiple mediums, but also (and possibly more importantly) extend to goods and services available to the workers of this project, and in giving the poor provision and even a job inside of this company free of charge.


First, you either friend my Facebook account (Senketsu Joshua Akamaru) and send me a Private Message that you want to be on board and what you want your job to be. Do not be satirical. Or, send my professional email an email stating that you are interested in joining the project along with any ideas you might have for personal contribution or the project itself. Remember, I take all ideas. From there we form a group, either on FB or email or a more suitable chat for boardroom type stuff, and we begin to organize one another’s places and roles and expand from there. I have already come up with a design as to how this process can happen.

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%% 0\rightarrow\infty %% にいるのは素晴らしいことです。あなたのプロジェクトは、Merge Worldsのアイデアを具体化して、歴史改変を最大限に活用して完璧な歴史にしていますか?あなたのプロジェクトをこのアイデアにリンクできますか?

これで、0ooに新しいプロジェクトページができました。プロジェクトの定期的なマイルストーン、結果、転送(プロジェクトの下のボタンを使用)の宣言を開始して、進捗状況の一部を世界と共有し、他の人がコラボレーションする機会を作成してください。 。 :)

Welcome, [Benzu]! It's great to have you on %%0 \rightarrow \infty%%. Is your project instantiating the idea of Merge Worlds to take the best out of alternate histories into the perfect history? Can I link your project to this idea?

Now, that you have a brand new project page on 0oo, feel free to start declaring project periodic milestones, results and transfers (using the buttons below the project) to share some of your progress with the world, and create opportunities for others to collaborate. :)

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こんにちは、ミンディ!マージワールドであなたのページを読んだところですが、似ていると言わざるを得ませんが、2つの顕著な違いがあります。 1)実際には、単に最高のタイムラインを取得してこれにまとめるだけでなく、すべてのタイムラインを取得して最も美的/感覚的に楽しい方法でまとめることです。 Mechaiは、すべての人のアイデアの最良の部分を取り、それらをすべて1つの場所にまとめることです。これは、科学的手段を通じてこれに影響を与える代替現実です。 2)プロジェクトは間違いなく高等科学のアイデアを使用してその成功を組み込む可能性がありますが、私の[元の]アイデアは単に人々を使って集まって自己組織化することでした(そして他の人がこれを行うことができない場合、私はこれで特に才能があります能力(参考のために)そして、みんなのアイデアを取り入れたプロジェクトを持つという魅力を利用して、観客に誇大宣伝されたり、友達と共有したりするための何かを与えます。より多くの友人、より多くの誇大宣伝、より多くの誇大宣伝、より多くのボランティア、より多くのボランティア、より多くのリソースと能力がこれをさらに拡大する必要があります。

さて、あなたの投稿に関して、プロジェクトをリンクする方法や、前兆的なマイルストーン、結果、転送を宣言する方法がわかりません。しかし、私は間違いなく、その方法を学びながら、他の人が協力する機会を作ります。コラボレーションに基づいた宇宙です、ベイビー。 :)

Hello, Mindey! I just read your page on Merge Worlds and I have to say that it’s similar to it but with two noticeable differences: 1) It’s actually not the merely the taking of the best timelines and putting them into this one, but it’s the taking of all timelines and putting them together in the most aesthetically/sensibly pleasing way. Mechai is all about taking the best part of everyone’s ideas and putting them all in one place, that’s an alternate reality that through scientific means has influence on this one. 2) The project most definitely may use ideas of higher science to incorporate its success, but my [original] idea was to simply use people to come together, self-organize (and if others are incapable of doing this I am particularly gifted in this ability, for reference) and use the lure of having a project that will incorporate everyone’s ideas in it, thus giving the audience something to get hyped on, and to share with friends. The more friends, the more hype, the more hype, the more volunteers, the more volunteers, the more resources and abilities we have to expand this even further.

Now, concerning your post, I do not know how to link projects or declare preriodic milestones, results and transfers. But I will definitely, as I learn how, create opportunities for others to collaborate. It’s a universe that’s based on collaboration, baby. :)

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    : Mindey
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I imagine science fiction meets fantasy meets adventure meets romance meets drama.

The problem with most universes is that they have evil and bad things in them as villains. I don't think you need evil to create a deeply satisfying universe. I like loving animes like slide of life animes like SAKURASOU NO PET NA KANOJO, is the order a rabbit, Clannad. Animes like Evangelion have nighmarish themes and I think for spiritual health they should be avoided. Even if they are for some reason satisfying. But I think it's a bad satisfaction.

One of my favourite fictional series is Foundation series. It has something called psychohistory in it where they can predict where civilisations turn out with complete they can plan society out of a social collapse. There is a large galactic empire which spans many planets. I like how you can have a story for each planet.

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