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Promote a deep connection with all living world YAML 企画 生産

In a divided world, creating an ecosystem of micro-communities spreads "WE" thinking. SAME is a community that maps 195 people spread across the world. 1 from each location. Each member develops a community project of their own.

What we believe:

  • Spiritual Ecology. Express your creative superpower through 5 Elements: Energy, Water, Air, Fire, Soil.

  • Spontaneous Cooperation. Help each other.

  • Living Systems. We are all the same on a fundamental level.

  • Connected World. Spark ideas locally, grow globally.

We're a project that incubates at Design Science Studio.

CoCreators: Ruta Danyte (Lithuania/Ireland), Malu Duque (Colombia/Argentina)

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[Mindey], thank you so much for sending 3 videos on how to create an Airtable form and how to embed answers as blocks-grid to website!

Airtableのフォームの作成とビューの埋め込みについて。 ([1][2][3])。

On making forms and embedding views of Airtable. ([1], [2], [3]).

私とMalüは、土曜日にDesign Science Studioで終日イベントで、このプロジェクトをプレゼンテーション「細胞と菌糸の幾何学的形態としてのコミュニティ」として紹介しました。スライドはすぐにここで共有できます!

Me and Malü showcased this project as a presentation "Community as Geometric Forms of Cells and Mycelium" at Design Science Studio all-day event on Saturday. Slides could be shared here soon!

    : Mindey
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Amazing to know. Curiously looking forward to the updates~ ;)


"154. This is the number of different nationalities living in Lithuania" says project. It'd be interesting to talk to all of them and get introduced to people in their motherlands!

こんにちは!ここにいて、プラットフォームを使用して学習を続けることは、なんとエキサイティングなことでしょう。 :)

Hola! Que emocionante estar aquí y usar la plataforma para seguir aprendiendo!! :)

    : Mindey
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Welcome [malü] to 0oo! So cool to showcase our SAME project here. I see you added some other deep questions too. Cool :) Lets explore!

    : Mindey
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so far our members come from Lithuania, Argentina, Colombia, US, France, Ireland, UK, Poland, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Sakha Republic, Kenya, Brasil