Gamified Dynamic Pathogen Risk Maps


Pedestrian maps to show risk gradient clouds in color patterns in real time, like Ingress "exotic matter" and gamify Covid-19 avoidance.


So, Google Maps is already collecting geo-location data about phones moving along roads to predict traffic congestions.

It would be quite simple to allow Google Maps users to self-evaluate (after they know their Covid-19 status), and share that info with Google Maps. The Google Maps could then be used to generate near real-time heat map probability clouds (a bit like in Niantic Ingress exotic matter) to help people navigate around areas displaying higher risk.

People with higher risk scores then may also be prevented from entering gatherings of healthy people, without having them quarantined at home.

Navigating around risk (or probability of getting infected) clouds would allow to get around safer, just like driving around obstacles.

With that, one could imagine also gamifying that, for example, with Niantic Ingress version for Covid-19, where the "XM" (exotic matter) is of the negative type -- one that you don't have to go collect, but one that you have to stay away from to prevent one's user from suffering lower game score. Imagine that once you contact with this red "XM", your user gets itself "warmer" (redder) and then gets cooler over time of 2 weeks.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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