Make generic manifestos of what all people want


Everybody generally wants the same things


Make manifestos that describe what everybody wants, the right to a good job, paying well. The right to health and security and so on.


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はい、いいえ。抽象化の特定のレベル-はい:たとえば、誰もが1つの複雑な条件が満たされることを望んでいます(これを「幸福」と呼びます)。これは誰にとっても同じですが、満たされる多くの条件(「経験」)で構成されます。 「健康」、「関係」、...)、これはまったく同じではありませんが、[類似性](を見つけることができます。





// "Everybody generally wants the same things"

Yes and No. At certain level of abstraction -- yes: for example, everybody wants one complex condition satisfied (call this "happiness"), which is the same for everyone, but consists of many conditions to be satisfied ("experiences": "health", "relationships",...), which are not exactly the same, but we can find similarities.

Due to those similarities, systematic cooperation must be possible, which we do see in a variety of collaborations actually happening in the world.

// Make manifestos that describe what everybody wants

I think you already had a particular instance of this idea when describing the specific instance of it -- wantsfiles, and how they would work.

So, what would this be? Would this be written in legalese, or yaml? Or any language or format, and then auto-aligned with formats mapper like metaformat? But if you're so general, I could say that surveys exist (well, more often customer surveys, rather than surveys from the world engineers asking us what world we'd like to live in), and what we currently have is tracking (people telling what they want implicitly, through their behaviors, cause it's automatic, and people are lazy -- so, unless this writing of people's manifestos becomes some kind of school homework globally, or a form of communication (like in the wantsfiles), I don't see people naturally thinking to write such manifestos -- they have got to be pragmatic).


rich. fit. happy.


There's the humanist manifestos if you're not Christian.