Social Experiment Turning Off Identities on Social Media


No identities on social media to reveal true thinking going on in human heads


Social media applications design prevents people of showcasing who they want to be and post original thoughtful content.

Would people share about different topics and use a different tone if their social media identities are turned off for them and everyone?

(通知しない) (不必要) ログインしてください。


Mindeyは、匿名で編集可能なDynalistの新しいページを密かに開き、リンクとして追加します。 (リンクを参照)。

You mean, like, posting without usernames? Maybe. We actually can try that.

Mindey surreptitiously opens a new publicly anonymously editable page of Dynalist, and adds it as a link. (See links).


Today's Hive Mind reminded me this idea.