Open Technology Seeding



When it comes to making high-end technology transparent, one concern of the technology transfer to public is that some actor in the world will take the technology, build upon it, make it closed, and gain competitive advantage over all others (e.g., Spotify vs BitTorrent, or Slack vs IRC). With technology like AI chip manufacturing, with "winner-takes-it-all" property, releasing high-end technology to public may be risky.

The solution might be to perform technology transfer through creating ("seeding") large number of manufacturing companies across the world in most jurisdictions, and making them collaborate on one collaboration "codebase" (e.g., chip-designs-base). Having these companies commit to open development of the technology and funding of the open R&D may allow to outpace any bad actors trying to do it in closed fashion. (?)

Given that we would have simultaneously many manufacturers operating on the basis of know-how, they could cooperate rather than compete, and divide the market more evenly, and at the same time, be transparent to public, and more broadly enabling.


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This would reduce the barrier to entry too.