Make Anaesthetics Generally Available to Suffering Beings



This could be done through mass-producing cheap and effective anesthetics.

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Mindey @ FE706DAFこの問題の影響を受ける動物は何頭ですか?

Mindey@FE706DAF Could you describe, how many animals are affected of this problem?

[Tomas @ 9911CE3F]、クイック検索で次の数値が表示されます:

>地球上の野生動物の正確な数を計算することは困難ですが、[推定では示唆する](それは数桁高い人間と飼育動物を合わせたよりも地球上のすべての人間にとって、農場では少なくとも10匹の動物が苦しんでおり、1,000〜100,000匹の野生の脊椎動物と、恐らく1億〜10億匹の「虫」(昆虫、クモ、ミミズなどの生き物を含む)がいます。これは、これらの動物が平均して農場で平均的な動物が経験している苦痛の1 / 10,000,000から1 / 10,000,000を経験している場合でも、野生動物の苦痛の絶対量はより大きいことを意味します。


[Tomas@9911CE3F], quick search turns up these numbers:

Calculating the exact number of wild animals on earth is difficult, but estimates suggest that it is several orders of magnitude higher than humans and farmed animals combined. For every human on earth, there are at least 10 animals suffering in farms, and likely 1,000 to 100,000 wild vertebrates and plausibly 100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 “bugs” (including creatures such as insects, spiders and earthworms). This means that even if these animals are on average experiencing more than 1/100,000,000th to 1/10,000,000th the suffering experienced by the average animal in a farm, the absolute amount of wild-animal suffering is greater.

Reference: Wild Animal Suffering Research