Consumer Investment Tax



It has long been the true, that the standard path to wealth is through investment, and compounding interest. However, the vast majority of the population is not seem to be formally investing.

So, the idea is that an investment tax could be created: in a similar way that alcohol and tobacco are taxed, the investment tax would be added, to allow government to buy the shares of companies that make the goods purchased, and distribute these shares to the actual purchasers of goods. For example, if you buy a pack of milk, you receive the shares of the specific company that makes milk.

The idea of investment tax would also extend to work too -- the special version of the tax would be developed, that uses fraction of the salary to buy the shares of the company that the employees are working for.

This way, any decision -- either to buy something, or to work in some company, would be a long-term investment decision. One may expect that people would choose to buy products of higher quality, and choose the workplaces that have better prospects.

In summary: Add the tax together with products and salary payouts to invest into enterprises that the buyers and workers contribute to.


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