Ecosystem of communities


A network of communities, each governed as a dao, mutually vested, regulated thru nft contracts, neighbor helping neighbor, building common economy as interlinked net of economies


Suppose, we have a set of tools for creating a typical DAO of a community in the net. Also, we have tools to create monetary system, trade, organize work, collect funds for public projects, do the governance. The rules and bylaws are part of an NFT contract. But, first of all, how would the land be acquired? That can be done by creating a coin, raising the money.

How would everyone be vested and work be done to build the commune?

By the rules of a DAO formed around the community. Heres one scenario proposed. A coin is issued based on square footage of the land. Stakeholders invest either money or promise, a contract, to perform work in the future. When enough money raised, land is acquired, and work begins. As workers fulfill their contracts, they gain shares, and the original investor shares get diluted, but the land value grows, the coin appreciates and it all balances out, and hopefully better then that. In meantime, community uses online tools to manage the money and govern itself.

Easier said then done. Its hard to raise money. Any ideas?

Yes. Suppose, there are other communities, in a supportive net, that are willing to invest into the budding community. Specifically, another community would vest funds to buy enough coins for land purchase.


Many reasons. The main one is the common culture. The other one, its a nobble deed. But its better then that. The risk to each member of a donor community is spread out. The decisions are made communally, so common sense prevails to minimize risks even further. But theres even better upside. Its the common prosperity and freedom. As the new community prospers, supported by interested and vested neighbors, and workers fulfill their work contracts, the coin grows. Workers gain shares and ownership, donors, most likely, gain upside on their investment. Besides, that investment is always backed by the land value. As their shares get diluted by workers shares, the share value grows. Everything should always balance out, with risks spread out, and responsibility shared.

The real motivation is freedom!!!

So, now everyone in both communities has shares and coins to go along with it. How would they use those shares? They can come and live on that land, they can trade it for goods and services, or they can get cash, dollars or some other coin.
But imagine, there are many communities in the network, each with its own economy and rate of exchange. SO, anyone can trade shares in one community for shares in another one , on the other side of the globe, and go live there for a while, and learn a few things. Perhaps someone got tired of living on the beach windsurfing and decides to go ski in the mountains. NO PROBLEM. Safe travels, dont have to bring much, we got you covered. Oh yeah, the network has a travel fund if help is needed.

In closing, id like to say the growing bubble of crypto currency is not sustainable without some tangible goods and services produced on the ground. All activity on the cloud is overhead. We have to support and build economies and communities on the ground. Might as well build them based on the culture of sharing and freedom.

What would it take to come true?

Its a scalable, self organizing structure. Once its seeded,itll have life of its own. Unstoppable, outside of control of any control freak. The key is to provide the right tools to get it started, besides planting the spark of an idea, but I think that spark been striked. What we have to do is build supporting tools, and get a few experiments going as proof of concept. The tools should include types of DAO contracts, for typical use cases. These can be traded on the blockchain and developed by community. Still, a few seeds are needed. There must be organizational tools to empower these budding communities to create and run their economies, to create monetary systems, systems of responsibilities and governance. I envision types of organizations floating on the blockchain as an ecosystem supporting the net. Any reasonably intelligent person would be able to compose an organization for his use case out of types supplied by other communities, proven and tested, without any coding experience. Everyone needs a voting or decision making system, a community forum or other comm tools, tasking system, monetary system. Theres a lot of commonality.

How would communities keep from turning into rigid corp like hierarchical organizations?

Its a cultural thing. Yes, many people dont have any other experience but hierarchical institutions. However, the tools we would provide would be geared towards flat grassroot types. Im also convinced that tools can be built to steer communities towards the happy middle. Its a dynamic balance, that should be maintained by each community, thru a democratic process. In general, people like freedom,given a chance. We will give them that chance. I simply trust the good side over evil.

So, lets get busy.

Its a lot of work, organizing, connecting, learning, coding, physically building, but mostly loving and living, in freedom.

Heres a sample of a proposed DAO contract for a single community:

INTRO The semi-sentient DA👾 uses land ownership and contract law to slowly gain control of all the vertically-integrated supply-chains required to host itself and all the workers it needs to survive and propagate.

BOOT The DA👾 searches for Land suitable to build permacultured eco-villages. The DA👾 mints fungible 1 earthChange Coin for each ft² of Land. The DA👾 then auctions those earthChange to buy that Land. The total supply of earthChange is limited by ft² of Land. earthChange does not represent Land Ownership!

START The DA👾 now issues Product Tickets as claims against Future Production. The DA👾 then auctions Product Tickets for Work Contract signatures.

RUN You gain Land Ownership as you fulfill Work Contracts. Land Ownership preallocates Future Production to you.

GROW Owners propose new Product Tickets to govern Future Production. Owners selling surplus should 'reflect' some profit to those users as land ownership.

FORK Subgroups must be able to divide Land (draw borders) to localize control. Individuals must be able to split from groups by choosing other Land(?)


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明日目を覚ますと、もっと深く見ようとします。それまでに、他の人がそうするかもしれません。 :) 考え続ける。 ^^

The idea of land tokenization isn't very new (see the link at the bottom). That said, I applaud the optimism that people will share it with joy.

// SO, anyone can trade shares in one community for shares in another one , on the other side of the globe, and go live there for a while, and learn a few things.

This is very late here, but -- what about all those people, like [chronological] mentioned, those without land? How would they jump onto this intercontinental land-sharing joy?

I'll try to look deeper when I wake up tomorrow, by then, maybe others will. :) Keep thinking. ^^


btw, not every community has to be a land owner. Some can be distributed, digital warrior types. Those are the most likely to seed first startups on the ground. Just a thought. I know of many communes trying to form right now. They need help.

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I dont have all the answers, just a vision. No one has all the answers. Future is murky. Itll most likely develop in a different way. Yes, im sure its not entirely new idea. So what? Lets find those folks and collaborate. The more the marrier. Thats the whole idea, good ideas spread like wilfire precisely cos everyone has the same idea. Whats missing is the starting seed, by the true dreamers. The true dreamers are those that create the structure, then other dreamers populate the structure and evolve it. The tools i mentioned are needed. Thats a fact. People want to build communes. Thats a fact. They dont have an easy way to create online org structure, its expensive and labor intensive. Once we have tools to help them, all kinda fireworks will start happening. This is just one scenario. Yeah, itll be different,in each locale. We can overthink it to death and plan to smallest detail, and none of it gonna happen by that plan. We need to build those tools. Thats all I know. And we need to build those tools not in a vacuum, but for specific use cases on the ground, but we can easily start up on the basics, then adjust in applications.


彼らは土地に住むために、株のために働きました。もちろん、どなたでも大歓迎ですが、役に立つことが期待されます。今すぐコミューンに参加するのも同じです。あなたはそこに行き、人々と知り合いになります。彼らはあなたが好きかどうかを決定します。しかし、私たちが共通の通貨システムを持っていて、人々が有用なことをしたことでクレジットを獲得し、オンライン署名として彼らに評判を持っている場合、プロセスははるかに簡単になり、私たちははるかに自由になります。ドルは、そのように広く受け入れられているという意味で、ちょっといいです。これは同じような自由を生み出しますが、コミュニティはボーナスとして追加されます。 また、人々は彼らの評判を守ります、それは彼らの自由への切符だからです。それはお金よりも価値があります。お金はエキゾチックな場所への普通のチケットを買うかもしれません、しかしあなたは一週間か二週間で退屈するでしょう。名誉あるゲストとして活気に満ちたコミュニティに参加することをお勧めします。お金はそれを買わない。あなたの評判はそうです。これ以上の犯罪や不正行為はありません。それだけの価値はありません。

what about all those people, like [chronological] mentioned, those without land? How would they jump onto this intercontinental land-sharing joy?

They would work for shares,to live on the land. Of course, anyone would be welcome, but they would be expected to be useful. Its not different then joining a commune right now. You go there, get to know folks. They decide if they like you or not. But, if we have a common monetary system, and people earn credits for doing useful stuff, and carry reputation with them as online signature, the process will become much easier, and we will be much freer. Dollar is kinda nice in a sense its so universally accepted. This will create the same kinda freedom, but community added as a bonus. Also,people will protect their reputation, for thats their ticket to freedom. Thats more valuable then money. Money might buy a plain ticket to exotic place,but youll get bored in a week or two. Much better to come and join a vibrant community as an honored guest. Money does not buy that. Your reputation does. No more crime and cheating. Not worth it.


And another thing. When people do create these DAOs and orgs, they have little commonality and hard to link into a net of any kind. We really need some common tools,to organize on larger scale. Its not scalable right now. Thats a problem.


yet another thought. People are best motivated by high moral goals. Freedom, democracy, community, sharing. That resonates. I propose to emphasise that,over potential monetary gaines. To create networks I see, we need to enspire with our visions. Then we empower by tools and roadmaps and examples. It almost does not matter if the roadmap will be repaved in some other direction. There are many ways to go. But we have to go in the general right direction. We can get something started, others will finish.

ここに別のアイデアがあります。寄付者や投資家を引き付けるために、人々がブログのような方法で、ライブ日記スタイルで、新進のコミュニティや既存のコミュニティを紹介できる場所。それは別のツールになる可能性があります。 DAO、組織構造を作成し、すべて1日で知られるようにします。終わり。友人のグループは、地元のホームレスの人々やその他の必要なコミュニティサービスを支援するために組織され、サポートを受けてコミュニティを作成し、グローバルネットに参加して、実際に近くに村を建てることができます。言葉が広まり、それが始まります。手始めに、ホームレス問題を解決することができます。 実は、私は強い気持ちを持っており、最後のホームレスが収容されるまでに、地球温暖化を含む他の多くの問題が解決されるでしょう。

heres another idea. A place where people can introduce their budding and existing communities,in a bloging kinda way, live diary style, to attract donors and investors. It can be another tool. Create your DAO, your org structure, and get known, all in one day. Done. A group of friends can get organized around helping local homeless folks or some other needed community service, and get supported and create a community, and join a global net, and actually build a village close by. The word will spread and itll take off. We can solve homeless problem, for starters. Actually, i have a strong feeling, by the time last homeless is housed, many other issues, including global warming, will be solved.


interesting read about title tokens. Very informative. Thanks. Im not sure how relevant it is to here. Of course land titles will be registered legally somehow. Maybe, those member shares can be registered as partial ownership tokens. Maybe, it can be another layer outside of gov record keeping, valid only within the community, or wider community net. Im not sure it needs to be recognized by government.An org can be registered with authorities as official land owner. I dont know. Those are legalities. Someone can figure it out. Ill just keep writing my code. Whats important, once we figure it out, we can code it as a type and everyone in the network can use it.

はい、州を回避する方法はありません。集合体のメンバーが所有権をどのように保証されるかを知りたいです。 Asyaは、そのDAOサンプルを寄付し、土地信託を形成し、コミュニティメンバーに受託者として署名すると述べています。株式を記録できるかどうかはわかりませんが、状態が満たされていれば、ある時点で記録の保持を開始する必要があります。私は無知と興味の欠如のために私の主張を休ませます。 また、国によって異なります。そのため、ネットワークが役立ちます。これらの頭痛の種を解決するためのリソース、コードとレシピの形でコミュニティによって提供される典型的なソリューション、および弁護士がいます。

yes, theres no way around the state. Id love to know how members of the collective be assured of their ownership right. Asya, she donated that DAO sample, says they will form a land trust and sign community members as trustees. I dont know if shares can be recorded, but at some point we would have to start keeping our records,provided the state is satisfied. I rest my case for ignorance and lack of interest. Also, itll be different in each country. Thats why a network is helpful. There will be resources to solve these headaches, typical solutions provide by community, in form of code and recipes, and lawyers.

うーん、アイデアに辞書を添付すると便利です。つまり、DAO、NFT、および説明で使用されているその他の技術用語の意味です。考える-ホームレスや住居の問題を解決することに関心のある友人の何人かとこの考えを共有したいのですが、彼らは利用可能な技術的解決策を知りません。したがって、多様な人々を同じページに集めるには、専門用語の要約が非常に役立ちます。 :)

Hmm it'd be helpful to attach a dictionary to an idea, i.e. the meanings of DAO, NFT and other technical terms used in the description. Thinking - I'd like to share this idea with some of my friends who care about solving a problem of homelessness and housing, but they wouldn't be aware of technical solutions available. So to bring diverse people on the same page, a summary of technical jargon would be so helpful. :)

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// it'd be helpful to attach a dictionary to an idea

It's a great idea -- vocabularies per post, where users define what they mean with their words... because, my sense is that some people talk without much care what context they had taken one or other word from, and immediately assuming that others will understand them for what they meant. Though, I like to use hyperlinks for that: if you think one or other word will be ambiguous -- just hyperlink to definition. Hypertext was invented for that.

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用語集とリンクについての良い考え。多くの場合、用語集を使い終える頃には、説明する余地はあまりありません。ここでgfm形式を使用できますか? ssme doc内にリンクして、用語集セクションを作成できますか?私は単に不便のためにそれをしません。提案をありがとう。

Good idea about glossaries and links. A lot of times, by the time you done with glossary, not much left to describe. Can i use gfm format here. Can i link inside ssme doc, and have a glossary section? I dont do it simply for inconvenience. Thanks for suggestions.

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