Shoot an explosive ahead into water on the collision-course to disperse and soften the impact.

YAML ソース 発想

Flying over ocean in a rickety aircraft and don't want to strap into a bulky parachute? No worries, just pack a bubblechute instead.

Bubblechute is a canister (a bomb really) filled with compressed air. As you jump out of your plane you grab a bubblechute along. You chuck it ahead of you just before you impact water. Bubblechute explodes under the surface releasing a huge swarm of air bubbles that break water surface tension and let you settle into the ocean as if it was a fluffy bed.

Warning: improper throwing technique or incorrect timing side effects include: mild headache, bruising and death.

Credits: ixnaum of HalfBakery.


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By reading on the 0oo.li/reader, you can find all sorts of fun recent and old ideas. In connect to the nomination of "o2oo" as "Bubble", here is one that came about to inventive thinker today.

I'm including this one, as it is one of the actually physically realistic ones, and fun.