Travel computer terminals at all transport locations


This should be an android based computer system that lets you search journeys like Google Maps when your phone is dead. You can also summon a taxi to the transport location or book hotels


The idea is to encourage unplanned travel and make it less risky. Each train station or bus station has a digital terminal, a touch screen computer that can be used to query travel information like a Google Maps. Someone can also sign into their account and make changes to their journey.


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ヒッチハイクストップのより高度なバージョンのようなものですか? (リンク)

Is it like a more advanced version of Hitchhiking stops? (linked)



It's not specifically for hitchhiking but it could be used for casual carpooling too.

It's mainly for use in planning your journey with a map and timetable. With arrival and departure times prominently placed. If your battery on your phone dies you can be screwed as I have been while travelling.

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