Adversarial companies


Adversarial companies are adversarial companies designed to topple international organisations funded by governments


If competition is good, then it follows that...

Big companies rarely do things efficiently or fairly, they don't compete.

We should make big companies sweat by writing a blank check for companies designed to topple other big companies to do things better than them.


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Well, companies, big or small, are tools of governments, if registered with them. Usually, large and prosperous companies become such because of trust in management, and represent not a single product, but a number of products and teams being managed, so, they are more like portfolios rather than companies per se.

Now, suppose you want to create a competitor company. That means creating a competing portfolio management.

So, who should we write the check to -- another competing portfolio manager (as that's the level at which they would be financially competing), or you just mean product-wise competition? If product-wise competition, then funding startups already creates pressure to establishment, but that is not generally a financial competition to the establishment, as they are buying up startups, make them part of their management portfolios.