Negative Cardinality


A mathematical set property of having less than 0 elements (Just like antimatter in Physics.)

YAML ソース 発想

The invention of negative numbers proved to be useful in mathematics. Set operations, however, do not have the idea of having less than 0 elements. We reach the empty set {}, and then stop, but why should we? Imagine a property: subtracting an element that is not in a set creates a potentiality to annihilate such element. Such potentiality could be marked as elements with an apostrophe. I.e., {1,2',2} = {1}.

This idea was inspired by "World’s Most Exclusive Club," when thinking about the super-exclusiveness.

Credits: Inyuki of HalfBakery.


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Negative cardinality is deficit of something, a task yet to be done. It has to do with sequence, then, and time. Really interesting

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ええ、おそらくそれは会計を単純化するかもしれません、あるいはおそらくそれは目標追求をより想像的にするのを助けるかもしれません、なぜならセットのセットのセットとして形式化されたすべてが突然その[想像上のコンポーネント](https:/ /

Yeah, perhaps it could simplify accounting, or maybe, it could even help make goal-pursuit more imaginary, as everything that's formalized as a set of sets of ... of sets, could suddenly have that imaginary component ("goals are just imaginary assets").