Eye blink tracker to track personal energy



Eye blink tracker to track personal energy

A natural metric correlated with personal energy is the frequency eyes blink at. It is used, for example, by vehicles to warn a driver if he is too tired to drive. Our goal here is to find the exact nature of this relationship and to create a prototype which measures it.

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:)しかし、アイデアは、アイデア作成フォームに示されているように、目標のない原則または発明です。 Infinityのアイデアはビジネスアイデアではありません。作業するものではなく、議論するものです。


Looks useful :) However, an Idea is, as denoted in idea creation form is a Goal-less principle or invention. An Idea on Infinity is not a business idea -- not something to be worked, on, but something to be discussed about.

If you want to write something to be worked on, a Plan may be a better content item to go with :)

それで、このトラッカーは私の点滅速度を測定しますか?どう呼びますか?このアイデアに基づいて、BallTracker [TM]のようなプロジェクト、またはさらにキックなプロジェクトを開始しますか? :)

So, this tracker would measure my blinking rate? How would you call it? Would you want to start a project based on this idea, called something like a BallTracker[TM], or something even more kicky? :)



[Mindey] Thanks for taking a look! I have a goal which is here: https://infty.xyz/#/en/@/topic/96

The hope I had here was to create several different ideas for tracking personal energy.

We might also, for example, track personal energy using 1. heart rate variation (using an H7) 2. reaction speed (using e.g. tetris scores)

Neither of these would be as unobtrusive as the eye reader.

The goal here is to track the personal energy, which can be used for many purposes (for example to try diets or find good music). I still think this structure is good. Maybe you can suggest some specific changes to make it more fitting?

As far as names I would probably call it infty-eye-tracker or z-eye-tracker or something else very simple (maybe eye-energy?) because naming is very time consuming :)

I think there is some reason to think it can be done on a smartphone which would be best because they are pretty cheap and have good docks available.

[Divisor @ EC9C06F0]それで、この考えをさらに進めましたか?基本的に理にかなっており、個人のラップトップでWebカメラを使用して追跡することは非常に興味深い統計です。

[Divisor@EC9C06F0], so, did you take this idea any further? It basically makes sense, and a very interesting statistic to track with web cam on a personal laptop.