In-Person Business Services Agency



An agency to take care of your start-up and business needs.

You want to build a business but want someone else to do work you're not into?

Engage with an agency that will take care of the legal and official requirements of a start up. Startup services suite will include: taxation registration, business name registration, company formation (optional), business plan writing, and other requirements.

The (hypothetical) agency will also have a marketing department, accounting department etc for the growth and development of your business.

Then you can go back to running the aspects of the business that interest you - or hire a manager / sell the business and move on to your next project.


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[ruta] like what we were talking about a few months ago.

It would be nice to be able to be able to nominate super-equity partners. I'd add you for that.



[Cabria], :)) It'd be very helpful! Then, we can add all the ideas brainstormed between you, me and [Luke] and get them implemented!

[Mindey], can you help? We need to allow users to add members to Ideas.

//スーパーエクイティパートナーを指名できるといいですね。そのためにあなたを追加します。 //


// It would be nice to be able to be able to nominate super-equity partners. I'd add you for that. //

[Cabria], we can do that! Indeed, sometimes people come up with an idea in a collective conversation, so, there are situations when you want to have other people as idea owners as well. We'll do it :)



丁度。これは頻繁に発生し、すべての貢献者が信用を得るはずです。 -このイグザチディアはルタにいくらかの信用を与えなければなりません。

[ruta] great, thanks :)

[Mindey] - Super! That's brilliant. Exactly. This happens a lot and all contributors should get credit. - This exactidea has to give some credit to Ruta.


[Cabria], :)) I should go through my notes and our IM chats, and add other ideas that we come up together!

いいね。メモリにもたくさん埋め込まれています。 lukeを使用して、Googleドキュメントですべてハッシュ化できますか?


[ruta] great. i have a lot embedded in memory too. we can hash it all out together in a google doc w/ luke ?

[Mindey] can you let me know when equity partners are addable so i can add ruta to this one?


[Cabria], [Luke], let's do this!


[Cabria], sure, will keep you informed :)