Air Cabon to Diamonds Converter for Cities



Create Air Carbon Collector, Convert Collected Carbons to Diamonds, Fund Construction of More Collectors

Daan Roosegaarde has come up with an innovative plan to tackle Beijing’s air pollution problem – and in doing so, turn a health hazard into a thing of beauty. Roosegaarde explained how the idea for the project came to him while he was looking out of a Beijing hotel window.

“On Saturday, I could see the world around me, the cars, the trees, the people. But on Wednesday it was completely covered in smog, with pollution, and that image made me a little bit sad. Ultimately, we’ve created environments that none of us want, where children have to stay inside, and where the air around us is a health hazard.”

The idea would be towers that suck up polluted air by ionic filters that charge and remove smog particles, clean it, and release it back into parks and playgrounds. Copper coils buried underground could generate an electromagnetic field that attracts the smog particles. 32% of Beijing’s smog is carbon, which under 30 minutes of pressure can be turned into diamonds.

“The great thing about the technology is that is safe,” Roosegaarde was quoted as saying by The Escapist. “It's already being used in hospitals and it's very energy-friendly, so to have 30,000 cubic meters of clean air purified, it only uses like 30 Watts, which is like a light bulb."


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