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Simply manufacture reusable glass, cermaic and metal containers and specialize bags convenient for anyone to store, transport and trade food products.

Today, we have resilient forms of toughened glass, like Glasslock, Pyrex, etc., which are not easy to break, can be used for cooking, and storage in refrigerators, can be reused, and easily recycled.

Just need a startup that would mass-produce such metal/glass containers, and accommodate the food traders and people in general with this new medium for exchange, by creating ecosystem of return points. While it may not seem convenient for all cases, like for cone ice cream. In those cases, we could use metal (e.g., aluminium) packaging.

We could simply not use plastic and even paper, as the paper manufacturing uses trees, important for CO2 reductions.

If we eat up all food that we buy, we could do away without throwing away remainders of food. Instead, we could be having special containers for collecting back the glass and metal for small cash back. These collectors could even be installed at the bottom of houses.


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Regarding the marketing aspects -- it is easy to spray washable dye on glass. Perhaps vacuum packaging might be a little of a problem, but we could use metal for that, couldn't we?