Automated defibrilator as an addon to bed.


Attach a defibrilator to a bed, that pulls off blanket and targets chest, when life sings are compromised.

For example, if the bed senses that your heartbeat is gone, and your oxygen signal is not gone, but the oxygen level is low, then your bed with activate motors to pull the blanket off your body, and swivel a defibrilator, descending onto your body, with 1-3 mm spikes to pierce through the underware, and apply voltage shock, while calling for an ambulance, it would also turn on the oxygenation from a reserve, and possibly inject some aspirin, or other drugs.

This product would be an addition to your bed -- no matter the size of the bed, you could order the special plank or frame, that you could mount onto your bed, to provide space for the robotic swivel.

Death rate during sleep reduced.


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