Peristaltic naturally artificial heart


A non-contact artificial heart, based on aorta (or another large vessel) and series of inflatable (with air or liquid) cuffs which wrap around it.


So, one of the problems with artificial hearts is that it's not good to have non-natural materials in contact with blood for long periods of time. Clotting and grot-deposition is a problem, as is the junction between natural and artificial components.

How about a non-contact artificial heart? The surgeon would first dissect the aorta (or another large vessel) free of surrounding tissue, but without cutting it. The artificial pump would consist of a series of inflatable (with air or liquid) cuffs which wrap around the aorta. Individual cuffs can be inflated squeezing the aorta) or deflated. By inflating the cuffs in sequence, from one end to the other, you'd create a peristaltic wave travelling down the aorta, pumping the blood along.

The blood would not come into contact with anything non- natural; there is no blood-tight connection to be made anywhere; and the mechanical action should be gentle on the blood cells.

Credits: [MaxwellBuchanan] of HalfBakery.


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[PaulHDear], do you mind, if I link to your ideas from Halfbakery to here?


Hi Mindey, hope this reply reaches you. Yes, by all means link to my HB ideas :-)


By all means :-)

ええと、最近Auto-CPRアプローチを見ました([](を確認してください) :li:activity:6393926713293705216))、はるかに安く見えます、おそらくすべての家にあるものです。

Well, recently saw the Auto-CPR approach ( check ), looks way cheaper, probably something to have at every home.


Nothing new these days? Not bored, when Halfbakery is down...?




// By all means :-)

It's sad to see you go, Max... So, I am thinking of bringing your ideas to life here, to change the future and past, and actually getting them realized through a similarly fun process, that they were discussed.

And I'm hearing you saying, do so, by all means.