Black Mirror


Unlocking openness through a tiny mirror painted in black


Artistic interactive experience where a participant comes inside a room where there is an object - a tiny black mirror - on a chair and a white sheet of paper with a prompt. On the sheet of paper the participant reads a question about their life experience they consider to be dark. While sitting on the chair, the participant takes a tiny black mirror and talks into it as if it would be a microphone about this dark experience.

After talking to the black mirror, the participant leaves the space. By the exit, the participant finds a rainbow cupcake.

This experience aims to spark a feeling of curiosity about the darkness. It aims to ignite openess with the self, from where the openness within society starts from. Finding a cupcake is also essential part - it works as a transformation twist where reflecting on one's experiences creates insights that can lead to ideas (a metaphor of going from deconstruction to construction, from darkness to light).

Feedback wanted:

Would you rather talk to an object or a real human? I mean, would you like to talk to a tiny black mirror or to a real person hidding on another side of a huge black mirror instead?

I'd like to create such an experience in an art festival and online.


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