Geographic wants and needs app


Ping server with geographic location of wants, be matched to providers of wants, view wants of others on app. Like Foursquare for wants and needs


I want a cafe, restaurant, church to be near me. I should put this into an app and it broadcast what I want somewhere Entrepreneurs and businessmen can monitor the network for what people want.


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Instead of showing what we want by buying, show what we want through collaborative data/market research?




I agree. We need that too.

I want so many different things. But I don't know which to commit to and which to work towards.

I also want it to be less dangerous to start a business or start trying to enter a market. There is infinite number of markets available but they are all dangerous to enter. It needs to be safe.


さて、あなたの時間を多様化するためにいくつかのプロジェクトがあります。私の祖父は言います-アクティブな休息はあるタイプの仕事を別のタイプに変えています。たとえば、ハードウェアの世界を考えてソフトウェアの世界からリラックスし、ソフトウェアの作業を行うハードウェアの作業からリラックスします...次に、これらのいくつかのお気に入りのプロジェクト間で時間のバランスを取ります。 :)確かに、プロジェクトの選択には、リスクプロファイルも適切である必要があります。そうすることで、プロジェクトに長期間取り組む意欲を高めることができます。そのようなプロジェクトを見つけるのは実際には非常に困難です。常に新しいアイデアがたくさん出てくるので、...あなたの時間に最も価値のあるものを特定できるようになりました。

// I want so many different things. But I don't know which to commit to and which to work towards.

Well, have a few projects to diversify your time. My grandfather says -- active rest is changing one type of work with another. For example, relax from software world by thinking of hardware world, and relax from hardware work doing software work... Then, balance your time between those few favorite projects. :) Sure, the choice of projects should also have a good risk profile, so that it would motivate you to continue working on it for longer time. It's actually quite hard to find such projects, when there's many new ideas appearing all the time, so,... got to be able to identify what's most worthy of your time.