[PFE] "identifications" of Product moving dimensions


The 5-IN 5-OUT steps of product dna and id (testing)


Objective: Security, Fitness, improvement (not ~~growth~~), territory, regeneration.

1- uninterrupted communication between designers and producers
2- minimize time from 0-to>1
3- increase ecosystem fitness
this loop determines fitness if ecosystem


Identify the dimensional axises of a circular product in motion and redraw the dimensions that will allow for maximum gain in maximum joy taking in consideration all the new fragmented Types, Categories and Attributes...

This is a process to find the raw new basics , hopefully asap.

5IN/5OUT Product detail is a communication tool, //[under validation and evaluation]

To streamline communications and facilitate transactions to "fittest" "cycle" possible; (fitness correlations between # of units and time and volume ...

Challenge: instructions being followed exactly

5 IN is: (production facing, pull)

(graphic, measurements, MOQ frequency, Story, Initiator, rights of use) (this is the main contract document of in/out)

1- Product ID 2- BOM
2- Costing 3- Pattern & Steps 4- Quality specifications and rules 5- How to package and ship

5 OUT are: (consumer facin, push)

c1- ID card (graphic, measurement, Story, Maker(s), Initiator, Rights of use) (this is the main contract document of in/out)
c2- Packaging, shipping, handeling pick-up locations info
c3-Wash & Care instructions, guarantee info,maintenance
c4- How to dispose of instructions (recycling spots, plans etc)
c5- Communities involved, the movers

Channels: platform

Single source of truth for all products production info VS. multi-source of the truth and multi-channels.

Point A is: idea point B is manifested. Goal: shortest distance from A to B
With more n more entities involved

omitted lines: What is the minimum effort for achieving flow and timeless process in industry. ,


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Ideas are meant to be articulated solutions, not raw streams of consciousness, reflections about or personal notes about it...

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Ideas are not supposed to be questions: please, read the rules.

At the section "my process" you seem to describe something that could be an idea, if it were made into a subject and explained.

Right now, your "idea" looks like an unfinished sequence of thoughts without a hint at what is the key proposition here.

What are you proposing? What is the claim of the idea?


Edited it. Is it more clear? Cheers.

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Yes, it is much more clear [Bassxn2]! Thanks for the edits. It now makes sense.