Detect micro-RNAs like oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes



Due to similar epigenetic (microRNA-controlled) mechanisms.

Cell division is upregulation or downregulation via post-transcriptional RNA by attachment of microRNAs to it.

As Jorge Soto points it out in his TED video, although no cancer is the same, at the microRNA level, there are common patterns, making it possible to differentiate between different types of cancer by the microRNA content in the cells:

Several scientific studies have shown that abnormal microRNA expression levels varies and creates a unique, specific pattern for each type of cancer, even at the early stages, reflecting the progression of the disease, and whether it's responding to medication or in remission, making microRNAs a perfect, highly sensitive biomarker.

The microRNA-based biomarkers for pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and hepatic cancer are already developed, and are under clinical trials.

The idea promises havng a library of microRNA patterns of as many cancers as possible, and a widely-available, streamlined process of blood testing and detection.


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