Search for Non-Ribonucleic Life (NRL)


Search for Non-Ribonucleic Life, as a complement to SETI.

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Fermi paradox may be not paradoxical at all, when you realize that accidental self-assembly of self-replicating mechanism is unlikely, namely:

Earth, being a diversely dynamic planet, had billions of years to spare, and yet it seems that it has not been able to create an alternative to ribonucleic life. If it was easy, we would expect to see life based on many kinds of self-replicating molecules, yet all life that we see is based on a single kind -- RNA/DNA, and just a single tree of life... or so we think?

SNRL ("Search for Non-Ribonucleic Life") would be the effort to search for non-ribonucleic life, and function a bit like SETI, as a public-benefit non-profit, and an open publicly funded effort.

The good part -- everyone could start looking for the new kind of life pretty much wherever they are.

NOTE: self-replication in nature seem to be hard, because with all our advanced computing technologies, we struggle to make a self-replicating machine even at macroscopic scale. Think of an independent self-replicating drone? Nah, you need complex supply chains. No robots terraforming Mars.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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Not necessarily very hard. A quine (self-replicating code) isn't that hard after all: