Good social credit system


Define good behaviour, account for good behaviour, people set minimum good behaviour for entry to buildings and things


We live in a world where there are good people and terrible people - people that want to exploit others. We therefore have the bad actor problem. I feel that good people can group together and use intelligence to solve the problem of attackers using one system to defend everyone. A bit how we use Transport Layer Security to protect digital communications and OAuth 2 to handle authentication. These are two systems that were developed to defend good from bad or evil.

Everyone should get a score which is a measurement of how good they are. If you do bad things - steal, fraudulently represent something, lie you would receive an accounting event for this and you are less trustworthy. If you do something good - you receive a higher score. Everyone can impact everyone else's scores so each group of people is a web of trust. I can vouch for Mindey's trustworthiness and honesty due to how I know him so I would give him a high good score. I don't think he would do a bad thing for example.

So problems such as spam, hacking, theft, fraud can be minimised by privileged access to buildings and digital properties.

China does some thing similar but they use it for bad purposes. They use it to limit travel and access to credit.


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