Friend-to-friend NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements).


When cooperating in modern society, the line between coworker, family member and friend is blurring.

Friends often operate as if with tacit agreement, and not exploring the expected behaviors upon contingencies that much. However, friends sharing and re-sharing ideas between one another may accidentally be stealing one another from opportunities or strategic advantages from each others, because they did not understand each others' expectations in each particular case, regarding each piece of information. Sometimes we do tell our expectations, sometimes we don't.

In any case, there definitely exists a baseline expectations between friends regarding each others' ideas and things. Understanding those baseline expectations is not a trivial matter -- different people have different Bayesian priors about many things.

So, the idea of a FrienDA would be an idea about a process or a conversation -- to figure out each others' expectations, -- by trying to understand each others' intentions, and what outcomes they are trying to achieve in life. Once understood, such understandings could be put to textual form and signed, giving each others more clarity and confidence regarding what is okay and not okay to share and re-share, and in what ways.

It is not yet entirely clear what is the exact proposed process for this, so, this idea is half-baked, open to your thoughts.


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