Poverty of care

People don't care about what we're doing to try improve the world, most people don't care about anything outside their own families


How do you change people's minds?


投票 (不必要) (通知しない) (不必要)

意味がわかります。それは資本主義の別の病気のように見えます:バクテリアは他の仲間のバクテリアを気にしません(それぞれが自分自身のために生きています)が、免疫系を持つ体組織の細胞は互いに助け合い、立つために協調的で協調的な方法で反応しますお互いに。問題は、より広い自己意識の欠如にあります。 IITに基づくと、より広い自己感覚を生み出すには、何らかの社会的フィードバックループが重要である必要があるようです。

I see what you mean. It looks like it is another disease of capitalism: bacteria don't care about other fellow bacteria (each one lives for itself), whereas cells of a body tissue with immune system responds in a coordinated, collaborative way to help each other and stand for one another. The issue is in the lack of wider sense of self. Based on IIT, it seems that to create the wider sense of selves, some kind of social feedback loops must important.

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