Life scalability

The paradox of the economy means that a large portion of society shall be poor as they won't provide more benefits than they cost. The capitalist system means that you need to provide a lot of value added benefit to lots of individuals to profit. In other words there is a scalability problem to providing for yourself


The economy creates strange states that should not be acceptable such as being not capable of affording to travel to work or stay in a place near work. From my perspective these are socially not acceptable.

Someone needs to provide enough value to be paid and to pay all their costs.

These people cannot afford all their costs.

How do we invert the life scalability problem?


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動物の有機体は非資本主義のシステムであり、実際にはそのすべての細胞(つまり個人)に一定の血液供給を提供します。これは、これらの「奇妙な」状態を防ぐ必要があるUBI(ベーシックインカム)のようなものです。 UBIを人類からの一種の一般的な配当と考えてください。課税を通じて行うことができます。確かに、これらの「奇妙な」状態の発生を防ぐ必要があります。私たちが人々を経済的に死なせるたびに、私たちは人口の一部をダーウィン主義的に捨てているだけではありません-私たちは社会的可能性と多様性の一部を捨てています。社会システムが正しくないからといって、本質的に欠陥があるからではなく、正確に働きたくないという人もいます。彼らは別の社会システムを必要としています。

Right, to the point. Capitalist society seem to be intentionally made to be Darwinist, to work as a filter that lets part of the population die economically, entering those "strange" states below the threshold of being able to take (or pay for the cost of) opportunities. It would be okay, if we would find a way to let everyone succeed at reaching their high (if not full) potential. Yet, if this potential shares the same direction, people will face competition: everyone scaled up providing the same product or service that other people pay for would result in overproduction of that product or service, dropping its price, and letting only the best providers of it survive.

An animal organism is a non-capitalist system, that actually provides all of its cells (i.e., individuals) with constant supply of blood, which is like UBI -- universal basic income -- that's ought to prevent these "strange" states. Think of UBI as a kind of generic dividends from humanity, could be done through taxation, we certainly should prevent those "strange" states from occurring. Every time we let people die economically, we are not just Darwinistically discarding part of the population, -- we are discarding part of the social potential and diversity, that, under other circumstances would flourish, like different species flourish under different circumstances. There are people won't want to work exactly because the social system is not right, not because they are inherently flawed: they need a different social system.

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