Rewarding Innovation

How can innovators and inventors have more equitable social and economic rewards from their inventions?


Seasoned inventors and innovators with broad interests may often find it hard to capitalize on their innovations. It only makes sense to patent inventions, if you have reasonable expectations that they are going to be developed. Moreover, patenting them on one's own, and then trying to offer them to companies can be quite boring, dry, and very transactional.

Large part of the fun of innovation maybe its social aspects, however, joining a startup or a company, is a directionally constraining thing, as companies tend to specialize.

Innovators with broad interests need new ways of getting reward from innovations (both socially and economically), to be able to be together in the processes that require their innovation, as friends, and at the same time getting fair shares of the intellectual capital derived from their input, which is, unlike traditional work, is very non-linear, often transformational.


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